Israel Lobby Prepares America for War With Pakistan

Written by Maidhc Ó Cathail

No doubt taking their cue from Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who has said that Pakistan poses the biggest strategic threat to Israel, three of the Israel lobby’s loudest mouthpieces used a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing — convened to advance Senate approval of President Barack Obama’s decision to promote Vice Adm. William McRaven to become commander of the U.S. Special Forces Command — to mentally prepare Americans for what will most likely be dubbed another “war of Muslim liberation.”

CNN reports on the lobby’s latest efforts to induce the United States into a totally unnecessary war with Pakistan:

Washington (CNN) — U.S. senators didn’t miss a chance Tuesday to voice frustration with Pakistan over how it takes billions of dollars of American aid while providing safe havens to terrorists to build bombs and launch cross-border attacks on U.S.troops in Afghanistan.

“Well, something’s got to give, something’s got to change,” Sen. Carl Levin, D-Michigan, who chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee, said at a hearing. “Because it just can’t continue this way, for them to expect that we’re going to have a normal relationship with them — which we all hope for.”

And Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, also was critical of Pakistan; specifically, whether the top Taliban leader and al Qaeda ally Mullah Omar was hiding there.

“Is Mullah Omar in Pakistan?” Graham asked Vice Adm.William McRaven, who supervised the raid on the Osama bin Laden compound In Pakistan that ended with the death of al Qaeda leader.

“Sir, we believe he is,” McRaven replied.

The hearing was the next step toward Senate approval of President Barack Obama’s decision to promote McRaven to become commander of the U.S. Special Forces Command.

Graham nudged McRaven along. “Do we believe he is there is with the knowledge of the ISI (Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate) and the upper echelon of the (Pakistani) army?” asked Graham.

“Sir, I believe the Pakistanis know he is in Pakistan,” McRaven said.

“Let me ask you this — If they tried for about a week do you think they could then find him?” said Graham.

“I can’t answer that because i don’t know whether they could or not because I don’t know exactly where Mullah Omar is,” answered McRaven, who said he believed the United States. has asked Pakistan to find the Taliban leader.

“Well, I’m asking,” said Graham. “I think Sen. Levin and I will both ask together today.”

And the ranking Republican on the committee, Sen.John McCain, R-Arizona, praised McRaven and his un-named fellow special operators for their success against bin Laden. “The leader of al Qaida is dead, but a new one has taken his place,” McCain said. “Your mission will be to help ensure he meets the same end.”

McCain used the hearing to voice again his strong criticism of President Obama’s troop drawdown timetable for Afghanistan.

“I’m very concerned that the president’s decision poses an unnecessary risk to the progress we’ve made thus far, to our mission, and to our men and women in uniform,” McCain warned

Marine Corps Lt. Gen. John Allen — poised to take over from Army Gen. David Petraeus as commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan — promised McCain and the other senators he would closely monitor the withdrawal plan and give candid advice where he saw fit.

“If confirmed, I will offer my candid assessment to the chain of command on the current state of the conflict, as well as provide options with respect to the president’s goals in accomplishing this strategy,” Allen said.

Last week Petraeus and Joint Chiefs Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen said the president had chosen a more aggressive withdrawal timetable than they had expected.

McCain grilled Allen on support for the White House plan.

“Gen. Allen, do you know of any military leader that recommended in 2009 that the president make an announcement in 2011 of drawdown of troops?” McCain asked.

“I do not, senator,” Allen replied.

“Do you know of any military leader that recommended the drawdown plan that the president announced last week?” McCain asked.

“I do not, senator,” Allen answered.

And the general said planning already was underway on how to implement the president’s plan to withdraw 10,000 troops this year, starting next month, and an additional 23,000 by next summer.

The hearing shed new light on U.S. concerns that al Qaeda and the Taliban are assembling explosives in Pakistan and then planting them in Afghanistan to kill Americans.

McRaven said he was certain IEDs — improvised explosive devices such as roadside bombs — used against Americans and coalition troops are coming out of Pakistan and that information about where the bombs are being assembled has been provided to Pakistani authorities.

“Have they (the Pakistanis) responded effectively?” asked Graham.

“They have not, sir,” McRaven replied.

Instead of going to war with a nation of more than 180 million Muslims, over its supposed sheltering of a man who has most likely been dead for 10 years, wouldn’t America be a lot safer if it indicted Senators Levin, Graham and McCain for their treasonous warmongering on behalf of Israel?

What really happened at Kharot Abad?

By Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi

Alarming revelations about the four Russians and one Tajik killed in the Kharot Abad incident have surfaced. The evidence presented to the investigative tribunal by the investigative agencies in Quetta, revealed horrific facts about these foreigners killed by the FC.

The most important thing recovered from them is the 55 GB computer hard disk that contains load of videos and pictures giving a great insight into their activities. The memory cards recovered from their mobile phones were also vital to this exposition.

Another alarming fact is the discovery of 54 detonators, time devices, car bombs and suicide jackets from the foreigners killed by the FC in Kharot Abad. The triggers of suicide jackets which are uncommon in central Asian states, were also found with these terrorists.

The videos show these foreigners going through different levels of military training in the mountainous region of Waziristan. They are shown learning how to fire from guns and also learning different ways to make bombs. Even the Tajik woman killed by the FC, can be seen learning to fire a gun.

There is one particular video of two hours that shows how these foreigners were trained to make a suicide jacket. All this information about making a suicide jacket, is also shown in the written form as well.

The video also shows that these foreigners made the remote bomb and time bomb themselves.

One video shows the woman being directed in Russian language on how to use a gun.

Their passports tell us that two couples were Russian and one woman was from Tajikistan. The husband of the Tajik woman managed to escape at the Kharot Abad check post and he is still being searched for. Moreover, the Russian diplomat has confirmed the identity of the four Russian people with Russian passports involved in this incident.

The things recovered from these terrorists, contain pictures of the man who got training in Waziristan and who has been identified by the people who were present at the crime scene. This man was also involved in human smuggling and is being searched for by the security forces.

They had planned their way of return through the same way they had came, a route that the Iraqis, Russians and Chechen  usually use to come to Waziristan, that is, en route Iran.

These people had taken the services of a human smuggler, who brought them via D.I.Khan to Zhob, Quetta. From Quetta, he had planned to take them to Panjgor. This human smuggler has connections not only in Pakistan, but also in Russia, Iraq, Tajikistan and other central Asian countries.

All of this evidence puts a big question mark at the role of the Pakistani print and electronic media that wasted no time in accusing the security forces of Pakistan for a heinous crime they did not commit. The media did not bother to check the documentary evidences against the foreigners and started a blame game against their own defenders.

If God forbid, these foreigners had been successful in their vile missions of suicide attacks, then this same media would have blamed the security forces for their lack of commitment.

In Kharot Abad incident, we see that the security forces finally did get some terrorists but the media gave this incident a whole new twist and instead of congratulating the FC on their great achievement, started accusing them of killing innocent people.

Only when we as a nation start observing the incidents unbiasedly around us and avoid being manipulated by the Globalist media, can we succeed as a nation. And it is high time too that the Pakistanis realize the enemy’s great game of creating a divide between the Army and the nation.

We, the patriotic people of Pakistan, salute the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the FC, the paramilitary and all the security forces of Pakistan for protecting its people from the multifarious attacks of the enemies.

US plans to sabotage Pakistan nuke facilities: Ahmadinejad

Iranian president Ahmadinejad

Iranian president Ahmadinejad


TEHRAN: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Tuesday accused Washington, Tehran’s arch-foe, of planning to sabotage Pakistan’s nuclear facilities, during a media conference in Tehran.

“We have precise information that America wants to sabotage the Pakistani nuclear facilities in order to control Pakistan and to weaken the government and people of Pakistan,” the hardline president said.

The United States would then use the UN Security Council “and some other international bodies as levers to prepare the ground for a massive presence (in Pakistan) and weaken the national sovereignty of Pakistan,” he added, without elaborating.

Pakistan is the only Islamic nation with nuclear weapons, and has close relations with Iran.

In order to fight al Qaeda and Taliban insurgents in Pakistan, Washington has intensified its aerial operations in Iran’s southeastern neighbour.

Pakistani Islamist groups have at the same time multiplied their assaults on Pakistani military convoys and also on transport and fuel convoys through Pakistani territory intended for NATO troops in Afghanistan.