Truth about the Chinese ‘Investment’ that was about to take place

chinese president

The actual GRAND THEFT is supposed to begin soon.

The $34 Billion investment from China that they keep parroting about isn’t actually an investment, it’s a LOAN.

This LOAN carries a FEE/INTEREST RATE of 7% whereas the project loans Pakistan gets from ADB/WB etc. are usually at a rate of 2-4%

To avail this LOAN, the condition is that there will be NO BIDDING for the project and Government will award contracts directly to Chinese companies (or companies that will utilize Chinese equipment and contractors).

For this to happen, Government is amending Procurement rules since currently it’s not possible to award such contracts without BIDDING.

Procurement rules amendment will allow Government to SET THE PRICE ITSELF for a certain type of work and award direct contract to any company without any bidding involved.

Most of this Loan will be utilized for Coal based Power Projects for which Government has already filed a “Tariff Review Petition” in NEPRA headed by Khawaja Naeem – a close Relative of Khawaja Asif.
Despite the fact that this “Tariff review petition” was not maintainable since it was filed a year after review period expired, NEPRA has accepted the petition and on Government’s request and has approved New escalated Upfront Tariffs for Coal based Power Projects.
Government has requested (and NEPRA approved) to allow $1.7 Million Dollar per Mega Watt construction cost for such projects whereas India has recently built a better and more efficient (than approved by NEPRA) Coal based power plant at a cost of $ 0.55 Million Dollar per Mega Watt

So Now, with NO BIDDING involved, Government will award contracts with a construction Cost of $ 1.7 Million per Mega Watt and hence 2/3rd of it will go into pockets of all the people involved.

This also explains why “Hussain Nawaz” and “Salman Shahbaz” (who look after family business and have no apparent involvement in Politics) were not only part of state delegation but were also part of meetings that discussed and finalized these MOUs.

This does not end here; NEPRA has also revised the ‘Rate of Return’ on investment from 17% to 27% (an unprecedented step) for these projects.

And not surprisingly, first company to announce a Coal based Power project under this program is owned by Mian Mansha.

So Now, be ready for country to be burdened further by $34 Billion Loan and a higher Electricity tariff…

If everything goes as planned, at the end of the day “Some” will have their pockets heavier by 10-15 Billion Dollars or more….
On Transparency International website, letter written to Ministry of Water and Power, this is available. Who went on China visit and was part of meetings is widely reported in Media. Sources are NEPRA, Transparency International, and DAWN/THE NEWS. Also Nishat Energy is the company that announced to build Coal based plants with Chinese ‘Investment’. On NEPRA website, one can find Govt’s petition and NEPRA announcement document for Upfront Coal Tariff.

Note: Information posted as received about the much talked about Chinese investment that was about to take place.

Indian Ocean: Battlefield for dominance

BrassTacks Policy Paper
by Shahzad Masood Roomi

China: Protect “Gawadar Port” and topple Indian Plot

China: Protect “Gawadar Port” & topple Indian Plot

by Opinion Maker on Wednesday, May 25, 2011 at 7:20pm

By Dr Shahid Qureshi

“MQM (members) had travelled to India on diplomatic passports provided by the Indian government and “were playing into the hands of India” General Moin Haider.

“Silence is betrayal to the Pakistani Nation now”, said a senior security official. He was talking to me exclusively in the context of MQM’s agenda and Indian triple game with Pakistan. Dr Farooq Sattar leader of the MQM said in ARY TV Channel program on 28th November 2009 with a planted anchor that, “…total control of Port (Gawadar) and all the resources gas…” should be handed over to the province. The program was fully loaded with Indo-US propaganda and lines.

Gwadar Port

Gwadar Port

Indian Naval Chief, Admiral Sureesh Mehta said in February 2008 that the Gwadar port has “serious strategic implications for India.”  “Being only 180 nautical miles from the exit of the Straits of Hormuz, Gwadar, being built in Baluchistan coast, would enable Pakistan take control over the world energy jugular and interdiction of Indian tankers,” he said.

The Indians and USA are alarmed by the new Chinese plans as Indians feel they are encircled by China from three sides – Myanmar, Tibet and Pakistan. To counter that India has brought Afghanistan and Iran into an ‘unholy’ alliance.

India has built Chabahar Port in Sistan-Balochistan province of Iran just adjacent to Gawadar. Gawadar port is also called the Chinese Gibraltar by US. On the other hand Indians are also helping Iran in building a 200 km road that will connect Chabahar with Afghanistan. There are reports that Indians have used this route for military transport into Afghanistan.

MQM is backstabbing Pakistan and clearly blackmailing the state. In many countries including Britain, mineral resources in Sea, are, land, and ports are in the jurisdictions of the central governments. In many countries if someone finds a historical treasure on his land that becomes property of the state not local council.

Surely business community feel pressures from ‘MQM’s jeans-bike terrorism’ in Karachi but how far they would go to protect their business interests and state interests? There is no excuse for any individual or media group to let itself used against the national interests.

The ARY Channels are owned by ‘petty gold smugglers’ who use to be ‘gold mules’ smuggling from India during 1970s. The question is who were their handlers on the Indian side? Coming from a Memon family based close to “Thatati Compound” near ‘Light House Cinema in Karachi the owners have now become billionaires in short time.

The Washington Post published a story about their businesses activities. Douglas Farah reported on Tuesday December 19, 2006, “ARY Gold and Terrorist Finance”, In early 2002, I wrote a story in ‘The Washington Post’, outlining the role Dubai based ARY Gold had in helping the Taliban and al Qaeda move their assets out of Afghanistan before U.S. troops took control. The leader of ARY Gold, Abdul Razzak, threatened to sue me, but the story prompted a multinational investigation into the company and the use of gold and other commodities by terrorists and transnational criminal organizations.
On August 30, 2005, ARY’s status as an associate member of the London (Gold) Bullion Market Association was revoked. Razzak’s group of ARY companies (ARY are the initials of its owner, Abdul Razzak Yacoub, and most of his companies use the name in some form) are under investigation for large scale money laundering and the operation of illegal ‘hawalas’, or money transfer systems. Razzak is a leader of the Memons, the descendants of low-caste Hindus in Pakistan who converted to Islam many years ago”.

By becoming part of ‘View Asia’ an Indian channels package, promoting Indian movies and dramas ARY channels have become part of the Indian propaganda and subliminal conditioning of Pakistanis as well as ‘Psychological Warfare’. The channel has tracks of Zardari Empire as Javeed Pasha started it; Hussain Lawai ran/running it? Javeed Pasha is reportedly working for Indian iron magnet Laksmhi Mittal, who was interested in Pakistan Steel Mills.

It is not a rocket science to inference that MQM (Muthada Qaumi Movement) and Altaf Hussain are extensions of foreign agencies, and involved in activities to destabilise Pakistan. On 12th January 2009 MQM tabled a “Provincial Autonomy’ Sine qua non for a Federation, Draft Bill for Constitutional Amendments to Provide Complete Constitutional Autonomy to Constituent Units”. It is quite strange that a party (MQM–A) which bank on the votes of people who migrated and some emigrated later from India and had no roots with any province of Pakistan is allegedly involved in the Indo-US plot of disintegration of Pakistan. So what will happen to those who are not Punjabis, Sindis, Baluchis, Pathans, and Kashmiris living peacefully in Pakistan? Another episode of ‘Biharis – Pakistanis’ living camps in now Bangladesh?

“It was 1974 constitution of former Yugoslavia which caused the break of the state”, said Antonio Moneo Lain a visiting fellow at LSE in his lecture at London School of Economics on 2nd December 2009. I told him that although, “USA is a union of States but no such facility like choice of becoming independent country is available to the states as the issue of state autonomy is kept vague”.

It seems that MQM’s minders have the ‘Soviet Union Model’ in mind because in modern times international plotters use constitutional loopholes or constitutional amendments to disintegrate countries. For example in dismantling of the USSR the international plotters used constitutional provisions which had been placed intentionally. The breakup of the USSR was provided in two of the Articles of the USSR constitution. Article 70 Stated: “Union of the Soviets Republics is a unitary, federal, multinational state, formed on the Free Self Determination of Nations”. Article 72 was more explicit and stated: “Each Union Republic retains the right freely to secede from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics”.

Although a union of States interestingly USA has no such mechanism available in its constitution and according to US experts “the (US) constitutional language is sparse’. It is up to the Congress to give meaning to that language”.  We all know who control and got the majority in the Congress?

Altaf Hussain and MQM do not agree with Pakistan’s stand on Kashmir and also do not recognise the ‘State of Pakistan’ and its legitimacy! Well that is Indian line? Mr Hussain said “Pakistan’s creation was a ‘‘mistake’’ and a ‘‘blunder in the history of mankind’’ reported Sonia Trikha, 12th July 2001, The Indian Express. He further said, “The Two Nation Theory, which argues that Muslims and Hindus are two separate nations which have to live separately and is the basis of the creation of Pakistan “was a farce.”

While sitting in his 40+ staffed MQM International Secretariat in London Altaf Hussain want LOC (Line of Control) in Kashmir should be declared permanent border i.e. forget about 92685 killings, 115877 arrests, 15665 home demolitions, by Indian Security Forces, and 22675 widows and 107218 orphans? His comments on Kashmir are not only unacceptable to Kashmiri community but also deplorable as mindless. More than 600,000 Kashmiris are living in the United Kingdom and do not accept his anti Kashmiri and pro Indian remarks. Altaf Hussain’s views and comments about Kashmir and Pakistan are very offensive and treacherous. “Pakistan a failed State”, said Syed Tariq Mir, Member of the Central Co-ordination Committee, in the SAPRA, conference in India in October 2000.

“No one would be allowed to go scot-free after making anti-Pakistan statements” said Interior Minister Lt. Gen (Rtd) Moinuddin Haider in Lahore on 2nd October 2000. General Haider further said that, “a report has been sought from the Pakistan High Commission in India and action would be taken accordingly”. On Tuesday, 3rd October 2000, the Pakistani Information Minister, Javed Jabbar said that the Interior ministry was seeking details of the MQM delegation’s visit to India.

“General Moin Haider a Mohajr later told newsmen that the MQM (members) had travelled to India on diplomatic passports provided by the Indian government and “were playing into the hands of India.”

Altaf Hussain did not go to Pakistan but he went to India on his British Passport? MQM workers and local leaders based in Pakistan should make up their minds as: (a) how they want to live in Pakistan (b) like a modern political party loyal to the state of Pakistan or a mercenary group facilitator of US Black Water or Xe? (c) London based corrupt and compromised leadership will never come back to Pakistan (d) MQM should look for a local leader with local ties and disown mafia of East India Company?

While looking at the ingredients like Zardari, Rehman Malik, Salman Farooqi, Wajid Shamsulhassan, Hussain Haqqani, his wife Farah Isphani minder of Zardari in the presidency in power any sane person would shiver. It is not matter of democracy and dictatorship in Pakistan but loyalty and treachery.  Corrupt and compromised leadership has learnt the trick of treachery, which is: how to by pass the system and get ‘treacherous things done by bypassing the system’. For example no one in the current regime taking responsibility of allowing private mercenaries of Black Water/ Xe but whole regime is protecting them?