Impact of Social Media in Pakistan

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

اَللّٰھُمَّ صَلِّ عَلٰی مُحَمَّدٍ وَّعَلٰٓی اٰلِ مُحَمَّدٍ


By Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi

Not many years ago Facebook and other social networking sites were looked down upon as activities of the frivolous and idle youth. Online ‘chatting’ was the new evil and parents discouraged the use of internet in their homes. The scenario today has changed quite a bit. Facebook and Twitter are not just tools to pass time and find friends on the net; they have become modern tools of expression of personal opinion and social gathering in the hands of social media activists, analysts, celebrities and journalists. Besides Social Media activists, there are hacktivists [hackers who hack for a cause] who excel at attacking websites of their rival countries. It is a fact that the exponential increase in the influence of Social Media is a horrific nightmare for governments who want to have a firm control on what is accessible to the public, as well as for the news and print media who give news in accordance to the agenda of their sponsors. I want to bring forth the negative as well as positive aspects of Social Media in our lives.

Negative Impact of Social Media

  • ·         In today’s world of information technology, when people spent most of their time on social networking sites, it has become easier to gather information about any individual. Facebook is a dream come true for intelligence agencies like CIA as people willingly share all their information. The contact information on Facebook includes:

1.   1.emails, websites
2. phone and cell phone numbers,
3. even their home addresses,
4. business/ job info,
5. school / colleges / universities
6. their home towns and current location.

  • ·         Like all mediums of media, SM too can be used for spreading of vulgarity, immodesty and illegal activities. As a Muslim, we are constantly reminded in Quran and Hadith about the importance of Haya [Modesty] and how Emaan and Haya are interconnected. If one goes, the other leaves as well. It is painful to see that unbridled youth of today involved in immoral activities on SM and also spreading to and sharing it with others. It is definitely the responsibility of parents to monitor the activities of their children on internet and particularly on SM because it can have great repercussions. Just last month, a 13 year old boy in Karachi was kidnapped by the elder brother of a ‘friend’ he made on Facebook. SM is obviously not for children as they don’t have the prudence or experience to make proper judgements.
  • ·         Another annoying aspect of SM, especially Facebook is of the fake ids. People do it for various reasons; sometimes it is just boys posing to be girls in order to interact with other females on Facebook. But mainly it is done for greater more nefarious reasons, basically for spying and psy-ops. In this way, many unwanted people are added in your ‘friend list’ and they can easily monitor your activities by posing to have the same likes and affiliations as yourself. This method is being employed by intelligence agencies, especially CIA and RAW, to spy on their rivals and also to sow seeds of dissent amongst their enemies. Highlighting Shia-Sunni differences amongst Muslims and spitting venom about different sects on Facebook, Twitter and other SM sites is also a result of such fake ids.
  • ·         The advent of SM has also seen a decline in the sanctity of an individual’s privacy. Internet giants like Google monitor every activity of internet users and provide this data to intl. agencies. To have some idea about how people are being tracked on internet and SM, enter the name of any person you know, in Google Search, whether a friend or a family member and you are instantly going to get information about all their activities in the Cyber World:

1.   1. their comments on different Facebook Groups.
2. their comments on different blogs.
3. pictures that they have uploaded on social networking sites or other websites.
4. their info on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus that they have made public.

  • ·         Another dis-advantage of SM is psychological in nature. The excessive use of SM makes human beings quite anti-social and they shy away from actually spending time with friends and family. Reading books is the one of the best hobbies and it too has suffered as the attention of the youth is wholly consumed by the SM.
  • ·         Elections 2013 in Pakistan saw the phenomenon of Social Media reaching its Zenith. In fact its ugly face was more obvious than its pretty side. The Social Media teams of various political parties crossed all boundaries of etiquette and ethics when it came to maligning the opponents. Mudslinging of highest level was seen during election campaign on Facebook and Twitter and personal lives of politicians were broadcasted to entire public. It is the right of the public to know about the lives of their leaders, but truth should always prevail. Making cock and bull stories, name calling and spreading fake photos modified by Photoshop, is immoral and decadent.

Positive aspects of Social Media:

Positive aspects of Social Media are not easily perceived or understood by an average layman who uses his Facebook just to share his picture having his dinner or update his status about how he is feeling that day. The greater impact of SM is recognized by highly motivated SM activists and social analysts. They know full well the power they have of moulding and forming public opinions through SM. If used to achieve a greater goal for a sublime purpose and for reasons that are morally and ethically sound, SM can play an extremely positive role.

  • ·         Being a Muslim, the first and foremost advantage I see in SM is the sharing and spreading of Islamic knowledge. Constant reminders from Quran, Hadith and majestic words of great minds from our glorious history are a source of inspiration and help in our personal development. If one really wants, one can use SM to contribute to the society in a productive way. 
  • ·         News that is not shared with the public by the electronic and print media is now accessible through SM. Many dictatorial regimes and even democracies that want to hide their actions from the public eye, keep a tight lid over their media but have no control over SM and hence the people who are active on SM are more aware of what is happening nationally and internationally. The media is actually not ‘free’ even when they claim so because they have to serve the interests of their pay-masters. Unfortunately, in Pakistan we see that Pakistani media is heavily funded by the USA and India, former a wolf in sheep’s clothing and the latter, a sworn enemy of Pakistan. One does not need to be a rocket scientist to see that anti-state elements like BLA and TTP are given maximum coverage on Pakistan’s private News Channels while the sacrifices of the Pakistan Army are brushed aside. Questions are being raised about Two Nations Theory and the founding fathers of the nation by Liberal Fascists to stir up controversy. In fact, in the recent years, Pakistani media has actually become anti-Pakistan and anti-Pak Army which is nothing short of treachery. In this scenario, SM is playing a very positive role and encouraging people to use their mind and not be a blind slave of whatever the media tells them to be true. There are many Facebook pages with huge fan following that are invigorating the sacred ideology of Pakistan.
  • ·         In an Islamic perspective, clear rules and guidelines have been given for interaction between males and females. Limits of Mahram and Na-Mahram have been defined and as a Muslim, it should always be in our minds to follow Shariat. The one worthy thing that I have observed on SM is that there are boys and girls and even mature men and house wives, who are essentially on SM for doing beneficial work for the society that is in bounds of our moral values and religion. A female can in point of fact communicate with a male without having to meet him and or talk to him. Facebook and Twitter are used as means of communication for doing community work and conveying valuable information and this can easily be achieved remaining in the bounds of Shariat. Not the majority of public, but quite a few individuals in Pakistan are very focused on their work and mission.
  • ·         Just as SM can be used for propaganda [which is one of its negative aspect], in the same way it can also be used for keeping the public informed. There are many issues which would not have reached to the public loud and clear if the SM was not highlighting them. Whether it is the Palestinian Intifada, Kashmir’s struggle for freedom or the massacre of Burmese Muslims, the SM activists raised their voices on Facebook and Twitter on such burning issues and spread awareness.

In short, we see that SM is just another medium like our TV or Computer and is not an evil in itself. It depends upon the person using it whether he makes good use of it and serves his country and fellow men, or chooses to become a nuisance for others. Let us be the light that others follow and not the dark pits of Hades where others fall.


طلوع اسلام – علامہ اقبال

دلیل صبح روشن ہے ستاروں کی تنک تابی

افق سے آفتاب ابھرا ،گیا دور گراں خوابی

عروق مردئہ مشرق میں خون زندگی دوڑا

سمجھ سکتے نہیں اس راز کو سینا و فارابی

مسلماں کو مسلماں کر دیا طوفان مغرب نے

تلاطم ہائے دریا ہی سے ہے گوہر کی سیرابی

عطا مومن کو پھر درگاہ حق سے ہونے والا ہے

شکوہ ترکمانی، ذہن ہندی، نطق اعرابی

اثر کچھ خواب کا غنچوں میں باقی ہے تو اے بلبل!

نوا را تلخ تر می زن چو ذوق نغمہ کم یابی

تڑپ صحن چمن میں، آشیاں میں ، شاخساروں میں

جدا پارے سے ہو سکتی نہیں تقدیر سیمابی

وہ چشم پاک بیں کیوں زینت برگستواں دیکھے

نظر آتی ہے جس کو مرد غازی کی جگر تابی

ضمیر لالہ میں روشن چراغ آرزو کر دے

چمن کے ذرے ذرے کو شہید جستجو کر دے

سرشک چشم مسلم میں ہے نیساں کا اثر پیدا

خلیل اللہ کے دریا میں ہوں گے پھر گہر پیدا

کتاب ملت بیضا کی پھر شیرازہ بندی ہے

یہ شاخ ہاشمی کرنے کو ہے پھر برگ و بر پیدا

ربود آں ترک شیرازی دل تبریز و کابل را

صبا کرتی ہے بوئے گل سے اپنا ہم سفر پیدا

اگر عثمانیوں پر کوہ غم ٹوٹا تو کیا غم ہے

کہ خون صد ہزار انجم سے ہوتی ہے سحر پیدا

جہاں بانی سے ہے دشوار تر کار جہاں بینی

جگر خوں ہو تو چشم دل میں ہوتی ہے نظر پیدا

ہزاروں سال نرگس اپنی بے نوری پہ روتی ہے

بڑی مشکل سے ہوتا ہے چمن میں دیدہ ور پیدا

نوا پیرا ہو اے بلبل کہ ہو تیرے ترنم سے

کبوتر کے تن نازک میں شاہیں کا جگر پیدا

ترے سینے میں ہے پوشیدہ راز زندگی کہہ دے

مسلماں سے حدیث سوز و ساز زندگی کہہ دے

خدائے لم یزل کا دست قدرت تو، زباں تو ہے

یقیں پیدا کر اے غافل کہ مغلوب گماں تو ہے

پرے ہے چرخ نیلی فام سے منزل مسلماں کی

ستارے جس کی گرد راہ ہوں، وہ کارواں تو ہے

مکاں فانی ، مکیں آنی، ازل تیرا، ابد تیرا

خدا کا آخری پیغام ہے تو، جاوداں تو ہے

حنا بند عروس لالہ ہے خون جگر تیرا

تری نسبت براہیمی ہے، معمار جہاں تو ہے

تری فطرت امیں ہے ممکنات زندگانی کی

جہاں کے جوہر مضمر کا گویا امتحاں تو ہے

جہان آب و گل سے عالم جاوید کی خاطر

نبوت ساتھ جس کو لے گئی وہ ارمغاں تو ہے

یہ نکتہ سرگزشت ملت بیضا سے ہے پیدا

کہ اقوام زمین ایشیا کا پاسباں تو ہے

سبق پھر پڑھ صداقت کا ، عدالت کا ، شجاعت کا

لیا جائے گا تجھ سے کام دنیا کی امامت کا

یہی مقصود فطرت ہے، یہی رمز مسلمانی

اخوت کی جہاں گیری، محبت کی فراوانی

بتان رنگ و خوں کو توڑ کر ملت میں گم ہو جا

نہ تورانی رہے باقی، نہ ایرانی، نہ افغانی

میان شاخساراں صحبت مرغ چمن کب تک!

ترے بازو میں ہے پرواز شاہین قہستانی

گمان آباد ہستی میں یقیں مرد مسلماں کا

بیاباں کی شب تاریک میں قندیل رہبانی

مٹایا قیصر و کسری کے استبداد کو جس نے

وہ کیا تھا، زور حیدر، فقر بوذر، صدق سلمانی

ہوئے احرار ملت جادہ پیما کس تجمل سے

تماشائی شگاف در سے ہیں صدیوں کے زندانی

ثبات زندگی ایمان محکم سے ہے دنیا میں

کہ المانی سے بھی پائندہ تر نکلا ہے تورانی

جب اس انگارئہ خاکی میں ہوتا ہے یقیں پیدا

تو کر لیتا ہے یہ بال و پر روح الامیں پیدا

غلامی میں نہ کام آتی ہیں شمشیریں نہ تدبیریں

جو ہو ذوق یقیں پیدا تو کٹ جاتی ہیں زنجیریں

کوئی اندازہ کر سکتا ہے اس کے زور بازو کا

نگاہ مرد مومن سے بدل جاتی ہیں تقدیریں

ولایت ، پادشاہی ، علم اشیا کی جہاں گیری

یہ سب کیا ہیں، فقط اک نکتۂ ایماں کی تفسیریں

براہیمی نظر پیدا مگر مشکل سے ہوتی ہے

ہوس چھپ چھپ کے سینوں میں بنا لیتی ہے تصویریں

تمیز بندہ و آقا فساد آدمیت ہے

حذر اے چیرہ دستاں! سخت ہیں فطرت کی تغریریں

حقیقت ایک ہے ہر شے کی، خاکی ہو کہ نوری ہو

لہو خورشید کا ٹپکے اگر ذرے کا دل چیریں

یقیں محکم، عمل پیہم، محبت فاتح عالم

جہاد زندگانی میں ہیں یہ مردوں کی شمشیریں

چہ باید مرد را طبع بلندے ، مشرب نابے

دل گرمے ، نگاہ پاک بینے ، جان بیتابے

عقابی شان سے جھپٹے تھے جو ، بے بال و پر نکلے

ستارے شام کے خون شفق میں ڈوب کر نکلے

ہوئے مدفون دریا زیر دریا تیرنے والے

طمانچے موج کے کھاتے تھے ، جو ، بن کر گہر نکلے

غبار رہ گزر ہیں، کیمیا پر ناز تھا جن کو

جبینیں خاک پر رکھتے تھے جو، اکسیر گر نکلے

ہمارا نرم رو قاصد پیام زندگی لایا

خبر دیتی تھیں جن کو بجلیاں وہ بے خبر نکلے

حرم رسوا ہوا پیر حرم کی کم نگاہی سے

جوانان تتاری کس قدر صاحب نظر نکلے

زمیں سے نوریان آسماں پرواز کہتے تھے

یہ خاکی زندہ تر، پائندہ تر، تابندہ تر نکلے

جہاں میں اہل ایماں صورت خورشید جیتے ہیں

ادھر ڈوبے ، ادھر نکلے ادھر ڈوبے ، ادھر نکلے

یقیں افراد کا سرمایہ تعمیر ملت ہے

یہی قوت ہے جو صورت گر تقدیر ملت ہے

تو راز کن فکاں ہے، اپنی انکھوں پر عیاں ہو جا

خودی کا راز داں ہو جا، خدا کا ترجماں ہو جا

ہوس نے کر دیا ہے ٹکڑے ٹکڑے نوع انساں کو

اخوت کا بیاں ہو جا، محبت کی زباں ہو جا

یہ ہندی، وہ خراسانی، یہ افغانی، وہ تورانی

تو اے شرمندئہ ساحل! اچھل کر بے کراں ہو جا

غبار آلودئہ رنگ ونسب ہیں بال و پر تیرے

تو اے مرغ حرم! اڑنے سے پہلے پرفشاں ہو جا

خودی میں ڈوب جا غافل! یہ سر زندگانی ہے

نکل کر حلقہ شام و سحر سے جاوداں ہو جا

مصاف زندگی میں سیرت فولاد پیدا کر

شبستان محبت میں حریر و پرنیاں ہو جا

گزر جا بن کے سیل تند رو کوہ و بیاباں سے

گلستاں راہ میں آئے تو جوئے نغمہ خواں ہو جا

ترے علم و محبت کی نہیں ہے انتہا کوئی

نہیں ہے تجھ سے بڑھ کر ساز فطرت میں نوا کوئی

ابھی تک آدمی صید زبون شہریاری ہے

قیامت ہے کہ انساں نوع انساں کا شکاری ہے

نظر کو خیرہ کرتی ہے چمک تہذیب حاضر کی

یہ صناعی مگر جھوٹے نگوں کی ریزہ کاری ہے

وہ حکمت ناز تھا جس پر خرو مندان مغرب کو

ہوس کے پنچہ خونیں میں تیغ کارزاری ہے

تدبر کی فسوں کاری سے محکم ہو نہیں سکتا

جہاں میں جس تمدن کی بنا سرمایہ داری ہے

عمل سے زندگی بنتی ہے جنت بھی، جہنم بھی

یہ خاکی اپنی فطرت میں نہ نوری ہے نہ ناری ہے

خروش آموز بلبل ہو ، گرہ غنچے کی وا کر دے

کہ تو اس گلستاں کے واسطے باد بہاری ہے

پھر اٹھی ایشیا کے دل سے چنگاری محبت کی

زمیں جولاں گہ اطلس قبایان تتاری ہے

بیا پیدا خریدارست جان ناتوانے را

پس از مدت گذار افتاد بر ما کاروانے را

بیا ساقی نواے مرغ زار از شاخسار آمد

بہار آمد نگار آمد نگار آمد قرار آمد

کشید ابر بہاری خیمہ اندر وادی و صحرا

صداے آبشاراں از فراز کوہسار آمد

سرت گردم تو ہم قانون پیشیں سازدہ ساقی

کہ خیل نغمہ پردازاں قطار اندر قطار آمد

کنار از زاہداں برگیروبے باکانہ ساغر کش

پس از مدت ازیں شاخ کہن بانگ ہزار آمد

بہ مشتاقاں حدیث خواجہ بدر و حنین آور

تصرف ہاے پنہانش بچشمم آشکار آمد

دگر شاخ خلیل از خون ما نم ناک می گرد

بیازار محبت نقد ما کامل عیار آمد

سر خاک شہیدے برگہاے لالہ می پاشم

کہ خونش با نہال ملت ما سازگار آمد

بیا تا گل بیفشانیم و مے در ساغر اندازیم

فلک را سقف بشگافیم و طرح دیگر اندازیم

دلِ مرتضی، سوزِ صديق دے – علامہ اقبال

بجھی عشق کی آگ ، اندھير ہے

مسلماں نہيں ، راکھ کا ڈھير ہے

شراب کہن پھر پلا ساقيا

وہی جام گردش ميں لا ساقيا

مجھے عشق کے پر لگا کر اڑا

مری خاک جگنو بنا کر اڑا

خرد کو غلامی سے آزاد کر

جوانوں کو پيروں کا استاد کر

ہری شاخ ملت ترے نم سے ہے

نفس اس بدن ميں ترے دم سے ہے

تڑپنے پھٹرکنے کی توفيق دے

دلِ مرتضی ، سوزِ صديق دے

جگر سے وہی تير پھر پار کر

تمنا کو سينوں ميں بيدار کر

ترے آسمانوں کے تاروں کی خير

زمينوں کے شب زندہ داروں کی خير

جوانوں کو سوز جگر بخش دے

مرا عشق ، ميری نظر بخش دے

[extract from Allama Iqbal’s ‘Saqi Nama’. To read the complete poem, visit the following link]

A glimpse of Quaid’s vision for Pakistan

By Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi

Recently some enemies of Pakistan [read SAFMA] have started questioning the Two-Nation Theory that was the base for the creation of Pakistan. They are outrageous liars and through their falsehoods, they want to prove that Jinnah wanted a secular state.

There are hundreds of speeches of Quaid-e-Azam that can be slapped across their Zionist faces, but quoting here just some of them to revive the memory of Pakistani youth.

Our true hero, Jinnah

Our true hero, Jinnah

“Happily there is a solution in the enforcement of the Law of Islam and its further development in the light of modern ideas. After a long and careful study of Islamic Law I have come to the conclusion that if this system of Law is properly understood and applied, at last the right to subsistence is secured to everybody. But the enforcement and development of the Shariat of Islam is impossible in this country without a free Muslim state or states.”  Iqbal’s letter to Quaid, 28th May, 1937.

“The Congress President has denied the political existence of Muslims in no unmistakable terms. The other Hindu political body, i.e., the Mahasabha, whom I regard as the real representative of the masses of the Hindus, has declared more than once that a united Hindu-Muslim nation is impossible in India. In these circumstances it is obvious that the only way to a peaceful India is redistribution of the country on the lines of racial, religious and linguistic affinities.” Iqbal to Quaid, June 1937.

“To my mind the new constitution with its ides of a single Indian federation is completely hopeless. A separate federation of Muslim provinces reformed on the lines I have suggested above, is the only course by which we can secure a peaceful India and save Muslims from the domination of non-Muslims. Why should not the Muslims of North-West India and Bengal be considered as nation entitled to Self-determination just as other nation as in India and outside India are?” Iqbal to Quaid, June 1937.

“The Palestine question is very much agitating the minds of the Muslims. I have no doubt that the League will pass a strong resolution on this question and also by holding a private conference of the leaders. Personally I would not mind going to jail on an issue which affects both Islam and India. The formation of a Western base on the very gates of the East is a menace to both.” Iqbal to Quaid, 1937.

“ Pakistan not only means freedom and independence, but also the Muslim Ideology that has to be preserved that has come to us as a precious gift and treasure.” Quaid-e-Azam, Chittagong, March,1948.

“In Pakistan lie our deliverance, defence and honour. If we fail, we perish and there will be no signs and symptoms of Muslims or Islam left in the sub-continent.” Quaid-e-Azam, Pakistan Day, March, 1945.

“The Constitution of Pakistan has yet to be framed——-I am sure it will be of a democratic type embodying the essential principles of Islam. Today, they are as applicable in modern times, as these were 1300 years ago———in any case, Pakistan is NOT going to be a Theocratic State——-to be ruled by the priests with a Divine mission.”  Quaid-e-Azam, broadcast to the U.S.A. February,1948.

“Islam is not merely confined to the spiritual tenets and doctrine, rituals and ceremonies. It is a complete code regulating the whole Muslim Society, every department of life collectively and individually.” Quaid-e-Azam, Eid Massage, September, 1945.

“In Islam, ultimate obedience belongs to God alone. The only way to follow this guidance is through the Holy Quran. Islam does not preach obedience to a king, parliament, person or institution. The Islamic Govt. means rule of the Quran. And how can you establish the rule of the Quran without an independent state?” Quaid-e-Azam, address to the students of the Usmania University, Deccan, India, August, 1941.

“Come forward as servants of Islam, organise the people economically, socially, educationally and politically and I am sure that you will be a power that will be accepted by everybody.” Quaid-e-Azam, Presidential Address at the All India Muslim League, Lahore March 23, 1940.

“The vital contest in which we are engaged is not only for the material gain but also the very existence of the soul of Muslim nation, Hence I have said often that it is a matter of life and death to the Musalmans and is not a counter for bargaining.”
Quaid-e-Azam, Presidential Address delivered at the Special Pakistan Session of the Punjab Muslim Students Federation, March 2, 1941

“You have to stand guard over the development and maintenance of Islamic democracy, Islamic social justice and the equality of manhood in your own native soil. With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve.” Quaid-e-Azam, address to the officers and men of the 5th Heavy and 6th Light  Regiments in Malir, Karachi, February 21, 1948.

“We should have a State in which we could live and breathe as free men and which we could develop according to our own lights and culture and where principles of Islamic social justice could find free play.” Quaid-e-Azam, address to Civil, Naval, Military and Air Force Officers of Pakistan Government, Karachi, October 11, 1947.

“We must work our destiny in our own way and present to the world an economic system based on true Islamic concept of equality of manhood and social justice. We will thereby be fulfilling our mission as Muslims and giving to humanity the message of peace which alone can save it and secure the welfare, happiness and prosperity of mankind”. Quaid-e-Azam’s speech at the opening ceremony of State Bank of Pakistan, Karachi, July 1, 1948.

Long live Islamic Republic of Pakistan!

Death to its enemies!

Ameer-e-Millat on Quaid-e-Azam M. A. Jinnah


Establishment of All India Sunni Conference

The leading Sunni ulema at the meeting at Jami’ah Na’imiah, Muradabad on March 16-19, 1925 set up an organization by the name of Jamiyyat-e-Aliyah-al Markaziah commonly known as All India Sunni Conference (AISC). At its inaugural session, Syed Jamaat Ali Shah was elected its president and the convener of the meeting, Maulana Nazimuddin Muradabadi its Nazim-e-AIa (General Secretary)

The aim and objectives of AISC were:

a) To unite the Sunni majority of India on one platform;

b) To establish Islamic organizations in every corner of India and link them with AISC;

c) To organize missionary activities and to open special seminaries for this purpose;

d) To provide religious education to the western educated Muslims and open night schools for the working classes.

e) To improve social conditions of the Muslims by encouraging them to invest in trade and business; and

f) To fulfil the daily needs of the Muslims by providing them jobs and making them free from the clutches of loans.

The presidential address of Syed Jamaat Ali Shah, which he delivered at the first annual AISC session, holds historical significance. He not only surveyed the political, social and religious problems of the Muslims in the Indian sub-continent, but also highlighted the contemporary issues of the Muslim world. For instance, commenting on the politics of the then Arabia, he condemned the massacre of innocent Muslims in Hijaz carried out by the descendants of King Saud. In addition, he vehemently criticized the fundamental doctrines of Wahabism, which were fast spreading in India, and were attractive to a considerable section of the Muslim population. In a likewise manner, he also condemned the emergence of other minor sects in Indian Islam. Moreover, he shed light on the calamity of apostasy while upholding the truthfulness of Islam. He also brought to the forefront anti-Islamic customs in the Muslim society and how to avoid them, need for brotherhood among the Muslims and the role and work of the leaders of Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal Jamaat in the preaching of Islam. In addition, he also stressed need for acquiring modern education for Muslims. This first All India Sunni Conference was attended by three hundred ulema, Mashiakh (Sufi pirs) coming from all over India.

The Second All India Sunni Conference was held in Badaun in October 1935 under the presidentship of Jamaat Ali Shah. He was re-elected as its President. In his Presidential address, he highlighted the need for unity among the ulema and common Muslims and the role/responsibilities of ulema in Masjid Shaheed Ganj Movement. While criticizing Ibn-e-Saud’s policies in Arabia, he demanded to respect the sacred places of the Muslims.

The Third All India Sunni Conference was held on 27-30 April 1946 at Benaras under the presidentship of Syed Jamaat Ali Shah which was attended by five hundred Mashaikh, seven hundred ulema and some two Iakh people.

There were reports that some Congress agents conspired to disrupt the meeting. They prepared a resolution according to which Mr. Jinnah was to be denounced as infidel and apostate from the platform of AISC. Moreover, it was demanded of Jamaat Ali Shah to retract his high praise for Mr. Jinnah, or resign from the presidentship of the conference, It is important to mention here that many nationalist Muslim leaders and nationalist Muslim groups such as Ahrar condemned Muslim League, and denounced its prominent leaders such as Muhammad Ali Jinnah for his westernized and un-Islamic way of life. Now denouncing Jinnah from the platform of AISC and particularly from Syed Jamaat Ali Shah was planned by pro-Congress leaders within AISC. Since Jamaat Ali had a large following among the Punjabi Muslims, the ulterior motive behind the move was to discredit Jinnah among them.

Pir Sahib got wind of the plan but remained cool and calm. When he stood up to deliver Presidential address, he said:

“People dub Jinnah as infidel, but, I call him a saint, people express their own opinion but I say it in the light of Quran and Hadiths. Those who believe in their Allah and obey Him Allah creates love and reverence f or them in the hearts of people’ (Quran). Now is there anybody other than Jinnah who is loved and respected by ten crore Muslims of India. Therefore, you may call him infidel, but in my eyes he is a Saint”.

After these arguments, nobody dared to pressurize him to change his stance.

In the same meeting, a resolution was also passed, whereby the leaders of the AISC and other prominent leaders present in the meeting pledged to support the demand for Pakistan.


Modesty where art thou?

By Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi

The Prophet [PBUH] said, “Emaan [faith] and Haya [modesty] are two things that stay together; if one leaves, so does the other.”

All hell has broken loose as the social networking and video hosting sites on internet have been burning for last two days with the leaked behind-the-scenes video of the renowned Islamic scholar [?] and host of Islamic programs, Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain. This is a tremendously shocking discovery for people like me who knew Dr. Amir as a respected and ‘Islamic’ minded person, someone who loved reciting naats in his shows.

Everyone is still reeling in shock and anger. Pakistanis around the world are feeling betrayed and it is no wonder. This is the man they had become used to spending their Ramazan with. Especially, it is most painful for women who had come to think of him as a champion of their rights.

The most painful thing for me is the horror that our daughters and sisters had to bear while watching [read ‘hearing‘] this leaked video. This increase in their vocabulary was totally uncalled for. As if this torture was not enough, the filthy sentences uttered by Dr. sahib have become the catch phrases and latest hot jokes in the males who are insensitively repeating that garbage on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Everyone has heard of Sadqa-e-Jariya, but I am sorry to say that Dr. Amir takes the credit of this Gunah-e-Jariya. Who knows what kind of language men use when no females are around! But there always had been a ‘hijab’ and now I see that hijab badly shaken. Astaghfirullah!

The public in general, is very critical of men with beard and women wearing ‘burqas’; they are ready to pounce on the tiniest of faults of ‘Islamic’ people. “Daikho zara, bara naik banta hai!” And what to say if that ‘Islamic’ person also happens to be a famous scholar!! Then his responsibilities increase hundred times!

I only wish that, even if Dr. Amir was in the habit of using this vulgar language, he should have had given some thought to his public persona and adapted accordingly. It would have been wise to change himself according to his Islamic image.Some people are still in disbelief, so much so that they have called the video fake even after the media gurus have given verdict about its authenticity. I am not surprised at their disbelief, though. This is the same mouth from which naats and durood came out.

A question comes to mind; “If the video was fake, why in the hell was Geo TV removing it from Youtube with Copyrights claim with lightening speed??

Another ugly aspect of this whole affair is the role of Jew TV. Jew TV was well aware of this truth. Why did they wait so long to expose this so-called Islamic scholar? Were they sleeping before, or is it because Dr. Amir works for another TV network now? Or is it because they have sold themselves to the Devil and give a hoot about character-building of the Nation??

We should learn lessons from this whole affair and improve ourselves as a Nation, inshaAllah.

To sum up, I will quote a hadees about Ulma-e-Su:

Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “There will appear in the end times, people who seek the Dunya with religion. In front of the people they wear clothes made of wool to give the impression of their humility, their speeches are sweeter than sugar, but their hearts are the hearts of wolves (very fond of wealth and position). Allah says, ‘Are you fooled by Me (the mercy and opportunities I give) or that you dare towards Me? By My Self, I swear. I will send down disasters from among their own on those who turn decent people into confusion so they are not able to get away from it.’” [Tirmidhi]

Our Imam Hussain

By Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi

Like every year, this year too, Moharram came and went. A few TV channels aired programmes on Imam Hussain’s life while others completely ignored the importance, or failed to understand the relevance of this month. There were various processions mourning the martyrdom of Imam Hussain [A.S.] [R.A.] in almost all the major cities of the country by the followers of Fiqah-e-Jafaria and some of the followers of Ahle-Sunnat. Elegies were read and the whole incident of Karbala was narrated by the Zakirs in an emotional and dramatically stylized way. As soon as the day of Ashura ended, the very next day, one saw the same old revelry, merriment, dance and music on the TV channels. The Muslims were done with the duty of remembering the grandson of their beloved Prophet [صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم].

Like every year, this year too, my mind was pounded with painful questions.

“Is Moharram the only time we should be remembering the members of the Prophet’s lineage?”

“Does Imam Hussain [A.S.] [R.A.] belong only to the shias?”,

“Why does the rest of the ummat-e-Mohammad [صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم] goes on as if nothing had happened?”

“Don’t they love their Prophet?”

“If they do, why don’t they show any affiliation to the person who was one of the most beloved family members of the Prophet [ صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم]?”

For most of the Muslims, life goes on as if this was an isolated incident, which happened by chance in history. I looked at the people around, in my life, at work, at social gatherings, people who would deem it necessary to comment on the most trivial occurrences in their lives. How they went to the tailor last night, how they couldn’t find the matching lace for their dress, or how chilly it was that day. What they failed to do was to even hint upon one of the greatest historical events that was of tremendous importance for the Muslims world over. If you even try to mention the names of any members of the family of Prophet Mohammad [صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم ] who were inhumanely martyred in Karbala, they give you a look saying, “You too?”, “Are you a Shia?” This question irritates me to no end. I am dumbfounded by their ignorance and arrogance! My eyes bulge out in disgust! What the heck is this? I am a Muslim, alhamdolillah also a Syed. And I DON’T belong to any sect! I revere and love my Prophet [صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم ]. I also have great love and respect for his family who sacrificed their EVERYTHING to save the religion of their grandfather. And I cannot even talk about them?

Come on people, the Ahlul-bayt are not the property of any one sect! We all love them and SHOULD love them! Because without it, our Imaan is incomplete. I can quote hundreds of ahadith about the importance of loving the Prophet [ صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم] and his family members but I need a whole new blog for that! I will, though, quote a few extremely well-known and famous ones. First, some verses from the Quran:

  1. “(Muhammad), say, “I do not ask you for any payment for my preaching to you except (your) love of (my near) relatives.” Whoever achieves virtue will have its merit increased. Allah is All-forgiving and Appreciating. (42:23)”
  2. “Allah only desires to keep away uncleanness from you, O members of the House! And to purify you a (thorough purification).” (33:33)

And some of the ahadith:

  1. “Hussain is from me and I am from Hussain, Allah befriends those who befriend Hussain and He is the enemy of those who bear enmity to him.”
  2. “Behold! My Ahlul-bayt are like the Ark of Noah. Whoever embarked in it was SAVED, and whoever turned away from it was PERISHED.”
  3. “I m leaving among you something which is very important and should be followed, you will not go astray if you get hold of it after I am gone: Allah’s Book, which is a rope stretched from Heaven to Earth, and my close relatives, who belong to my household. These two will not separate from one another till they come down to the reservoir (Al-Kauthar), so consider how you act regarding them after my departure.” [Hadith al-thaqalayn]
  4. “Say, ‘O Allah, send blessings on Muhammad and on the kith and kin of Muhammad.’”

{References for the above are all over the net]

I know that majority of the Muslims passionately and irrevocably love the Holy Prophet [صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم ]. But how can one love a person so much and not love that person’s family? And saying that this is not any ordinary family is the understatement of the entire Eternity. It is gut-wrenching for us to see a six-month old baby killed heinously in a state of hunger and thirst, even if that baby is of a Mushriq or Kafir. Now imagine if this happens to a close family member of yours. What will be your reaction? The thing that is even worse than this is that it actually happened to the progeny of your beloved leader, your guide, your role model, your inspiration, and the Imam of all the Prophets, Mohammad [ صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم]. Just think with a cool mind and try to absorb the magnitude of this event.

It is extremely painful for me when I see that the children of today are clueless about this great historical event which is closely related to our Prophet [صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم ]. It hurt me to no end when a child of Grade 5 asked me on 8th Moharram, “Only shias believe in Hazrat Ali and Imam Hussain?” Another asked, “Are the shias, kafir?

What in the hell are we teaching our children? There is no tolerance for other sects! There is zero Islamic education at homes. If something is taught, it is hate against the other sects. Only we are Muslims, the rest are Kafirs. Brilliant. What do you expect from these children when they grow up? They will certainly not act as mature beings, nor will they be true believers. And for Allah’s sake, tell your children that Imam Hussain [A.S] [R.A] belongs to all of us, just like Prophet Mohammad [صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم ] is the prophet of the entire mankind. It should be enough for us that the Prophet [صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم ] called Imam Hassan [A.S.] [R.A.] and Imam Hussain [A.S] [R.A], his sons and the leaders of the men in Jannat. Just try and imagine the pain that he went through when Archangel Gabriel [A.S.] told him about the fate that awaited Imam Hussain [A.S.] [R.A.] in the desert of Karbala. Any parent and grand parent can understand it fully well. Imagine that the child who is the apple of your eye, some day will be homeless, hungry and thirsty and in that condition will be brutally killed and dismembered along with his innocent children and kin. Yes, right, you cannot even think about it.

I will say one more thing. Just believing in Allah alone will not guarantee entry in Jannat. Spiritual connection with Syedi Mohammad [صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم ] is the ONLY salvation for any Muslim. Just ask yourself can you have any spiritual relationship with the Prophet without truly loving him? And can you claim to truly love the Prophet WITHOUT loving and revering and remembering his family? I think not. If you have no spiritual connection with the Prophet, then I am really sorry for you because you are NOTHING in front of Allah. All your prayers, zikr, fasts, recitation of the Quran, zakat, Hajj and Nauwafil are utterly useless without the love of Mohammad [صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم ] and his Ahlul-bayt. So think about it. Relate the incident of Karbala to your young ones, educate them, because after all, this is the real education. Make them truly respect and love the Prophet [ صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم] and his family, and specially that grandson who breathed a new life in Islam.

In the words of Khwaja Muin-ud-din Chishti:

شاہ است حسین بادشاہ است حسین
دین است حسین دین پناہ است حسین
سر داد نا داد دست در دست یزید
حقا کہ بناے لا الہ است حسین

“Hussain is the king, indeed he is the king of kings
Hussain is Deen and also the protector of Deen
He gave his head but not his hand of allegiance in the hand of Yazid
Indeed he was the founder (like his grandfather) of the concept of One God”

And I wait for that day, O Allah, when,

انسان کو بیدار تو ہو لینے دو
ہر قوم پکارے گی ہمارے ہیں حسین


Just let the mankind awake,
Every community will say Hussain belongs to us.

May Allah make it possible for all of us to love the Prophet and his Ahlul-bayt as much as they should be loved. Ameen.