Hum sab kay Imam Hussain [A.S.][R.A.]

Kiya daag achay hotay hain?

Fake Facebook accounts fan Shia-Sunni hostility

Pakistan without Pakistan Army?

What really happened at Kharot Abad?

Anywhere in hell but not in Pakistan!

From Jinnah to Pakistan – A Will

Modesty where art thou?

A glimpse of Quaid’s vision for Pakistan

Love for Prophet [sm] is more important than our deeds

100 years old rare Hajj pictures [1320 AH]

Is Iqbal relevant today?

The Zionist newspaper’s in your face support for homosexuality!

Massacre of the holiest places on earth by the Saudi regime

Black Magic from Hell!

Tanam Farsooda Jaan Para – Maulana Jami

Occidentals’ homage to the Prophet of Islam [ﷺ]

Salute to Great Mujahid, M. M. Alam

Impact of Social Media in Pakistan

Tale of Two Holy Cities

Failed Pakistani Democracy

Marking 27th October as Black Day for #Kashmir

The Forgotten Holocaust of Jammu

How to actively contribute for #Kashmir Cause?

So what it will be Pakistan? Peace or ‘Peace Talks’?

In the name of ‘Freedom of Speech’

‘Islamic’ Military Coalition – Really?

Agency Rules, Always!

Copyright © Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi


4 thoughts on “Articles

  1. Mashallah you are doing a very excellent job… May Allah give you success.:

  2. Very Nice May All Mighty Give You Ajar.

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