BrassTacks Defense and Security Think Tank

  1. Zaid Hamid on 11th Hour – 01-02-11
  2. Zaid Hamid at Jamia Rizvia Zia-ul-Uloom
  3. 2011, March 23 — Message by Sir Zaid Hamid to the youth
  4. BrassTacks Monthly Security Review – The Economic Battle-front
  5. Middle East Crisis – The Analogy of Experience
  6. What do we mean by Pakistan? – by Muhammad Asad [late]
  7. Zaid Hamid – Warning for Pakistanis!!
  8. Zaid Hamid’s warning to Indians and American Zionists
  9. The Zionists’ War on Terror – Zaid Hamid
  10. Balkanizing Pakistan – Brasstacks Security Review
  11. Noose around Pakistani Nukes! – Brasstacks Security Review
  12. Decentralized and Urban Warfare in Pakistan
  13. Syed Zaid Hamid visits Transhijaz Railways near Masjid-e-Nabvi صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ 
  14. A visit to the holy and historical Sabaa Masajid in Madina
  15. A library where nobody can read
  16. Balkanizing India – Zaid Hamid
  17. Are elections in Pakistan an option?
  18. Weapons of Kufr: Afwah and Waswasa
  19. Battleground Afghanistan – Brasstacks July Cover Story
  20. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia – Strategic Alliance for the 21st Century
  21. Global Economic Collapse – Zaid Hamid
  22. Syed Zaid Hamid on FM 102 Islamabad- Independence Day Special
  23. To all Muslims in Karachi – Zaid Hamid
  24. Brasstacks August 2011 News Letter
  25. Energy Crisis and Food Security
  26. Exclusive interview with Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid – Youth Affairs Magazine
  27. Syed Zaid Hamid’s address on launch of ‘From Indus to Oxus
  28. The master stroke to victory! By Syed Zaid Hamid / Shahzad Masood Roomi
  29. War on Terror – BrassTacks Policy Paper
  30. Indian Ocean: Battlefield for dominance
  31. Exclusive interview from Syed Zaid Hamid on his memoirs ‘From Indus to Oxus’
  32. The Future of Global Economy – BrassTacks Policy Paper
  33. From Constantinople to Delhi
  34. Syed Zaid Hamid blasting the Al-Qaida myth on Al-Jazeera News
  35. Siachen: The Geopolitics and Strategy in Frozen Battlefield 
  36. BrassTacks Policy Papers on Innovative Economic Solutions
  37. Missing Persons of Balochistan – BrassTacks Policy Paper
  38. 4GW – BrassTacks Policy Paper on Geopolitics
  39. On the Battlefront of Ideology – BrassTacks Policy Papers on Ideology of Pakistan
  40. Geopolitics through the lens of National Security
  41. Who killed Akbar Bugti?
  42. Signs of Khawarij in the light of ahadees
  43. Why was Ottoman Caliphate demolished?
  44. Reshaping of Middle East and Af-Pak Region – BrassTacks Policy Papers on Geopolitics
  45. Introduction and analysis of the system of Khilafat-e-Rashidah

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