Why Madina-e-Sani?

Madina-e-Sani has been used for Pakistan by some great visionaries of Pakistan due to the similarities between Pakistan and the state of Madina Munawara.

  • ·         Pak Means ‘Tayyab’ in Arabic, istan means city, ‘Madina’ so the literal meaning of Pakistan is same as ‘Madina Tayyaba’
  • ·         A great number of Muslims migrated to Pakistan at the time of partition of India just like the hijrat from Makkah to Madina of Muslims.
  • ·         Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] loved this region that is why Iqbal said:

میرِعرب کوآئی ٹھنڈی ہواجہاں سے
میرا وطن وہی ہے، میرا وطن وہی ہے

  • ·         Orya Maqbool Jan has also used the word ‘Madina’ for Pakistan in a number of his articles:


  • ·         A great Sufi Baba Yahya says that no wrong can come to this Pakistan because it was created directly by Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] and Imam Ali [KW]

 Pakistan's resemblance with Madinah Tayyebah

خیرہ نہ کر سکا مجھے جلوۂ دانش فرنگ
سرمہ ہے میری آنکھ کا خاک مدینہ و نجف

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