Stray Reflections on Iqbal – 7

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Stray Reflections on Iqbal – 7

By Dr Maqsood Jafri

Social and Political Impact of Egohood

It was in the 18th Century when the term Ego or Self came into vogue. Previously, philosophers had been dealing with the concept of ‘Soul’ and had no understanding of the term Ego. In Muslim philosophy the term Ego or ‘Khudi’ had been a detrimental and a derogatory term for many centuries. Muslim Sufis, clerics and poets had been constantly preaching the suppression and negation of Ego as it was taken in the sense of arrogance and haughtiness. Even the spiritual mentor of Dr Iqbal known as Moulana Rumi had very vehemently negated the Khudi of man, considering it a negative and nefarious term based on vanity. A great Persian poet Iraqi says:

“First it is, and do you know what is its last?; Free yourself from the grip of Self. ”…

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