Stray Reflections on Iqbal – 6

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Stray Reflections on Iqbal – 6

The core of the concept of Egohood by Dr Iqbal gives us the message of positive thinking. The man who accomplishes and furnishes his Ego can never involve in negative thinking and negative activities.

It is the great irony of fate that the Man of our era is suffering from an inferiority complex. He has no confidence in his own personality. The scientific progress and industrial development has made man like a minute clog of the machine. Individuality of man has been entirely obliterated and crushed. People have become morally unscrupulous, biologically unfit, psychologically depressed and spiritually null and void. Norman Vincent Peale has nicely described in his book titled “The Power of Positive Thinking” about this state of affairs likewise:

“Lack of Self-confidence apparently is one of the great problems besetting people today. In a university a survey was…

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