Stray Reflections on Iqbal – 5

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Stray Reflections on Iqbal – 5

By Dr Maqsood Jafri

The core and crux of all divine religions is the purification of soul and development of human personality. The poetry of Iqbal swings around the pivot of recognition and awareness of Ego. The Holy Quran values the Moral Man. In Surah Al-Shams (The Sun) it is said:

“By the soul and Him that moulded it and inspired it with (knowledge of) sin and piety; blessed shall be the man who has kept it pure and ruined will be he that has corrupted it.”

French philosopher Henry Bergson also called Moral Man as an Ideal Man. His social philosophy preached the importance of the didactic norms. Morality is a vast term. It covers all aspects of the behaviour and conduct of a person. It also means a man of positive and noble behaviour.

Muslim thinker Abdul Karim Al-Jaily called such a…

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