Stray Reflections on Iqbal – 4

Voice of East

Stray Reflections on Iqbal – 4

By Dr Maqsood Jafri

Dr Iqbal was a poet who believed in the principle of Movement and dynamic lifestyle in theory and practice. He gave a balanced view of education keeping in purview of education on spiritual and scientific lines. His view of education protects and promotes the concept of Egohood that liberates the humans from the shackles of slavery. He blended theory and practice and inculcated the spirit of creativity, erudition and reflection in youth.

Allama Iqbal was diametrically opposed to the traditional mode of education being imparted in religious seminaries. He considered the system retrogressive, sectarian and irrational. He desired change in the curriculum of “Madrassas” and aspired to insert modern education in the curriculum of religious seminaries to keep them abreast with the scientific discoveries. Unfortunately, these sanctuaries and sanctums have become the centres of religious extremism and sectarianism. In one…

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