Omar Fakhreddin Pasha – The Defender Of Medina!

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Omar Fakhreddin Pasha – The Defender Of Medina!

By Fidato

During World War I, Ottoman governor Fahreddin Pasha upon the orders of Djemal Pasha on 23 May 1916 moved toward Medina in Hejaz to defend it. He was appointed as commander of Hejaz Expeditionary Force on 17 July 1916.

Fahreddin Pasha was besieged by Arab forces who betrayed the Ottomans with the help of England but tenaciously he defended the holy city. Fahreddin Pasha not only had to defend Medina but also protect the single-track narrow gauge Hejaz Railway from sabotage attacks by T. E. Lawrence and his Bedouin forces, on which his entire logistics depended.

Ottoman garrisons of the isolated small train stations withstood the continuous night attacks and secured the tracks against increasing number of sabotages. (around 130 major attacks in 1917 and hundreds in 1918 including exploding more than 300 bombs on April 30, 1918).

With the…

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