Kashmir Solidarity Day: Does it matter?

Voice of East

By News Desk

Why do Pakistanis and Kashmiris mark Kashmir Solidarity Day on 5th February each year? Does it matter?

Watch this episode of “Q & A from Islamabad” to learn why Pakistanis must let go of the defeatist mind-set in order to achieve any real success on Kashmir conflict. Pakistanis must also recognize the achievement of Pakistan that for the first time, International Community is ready to take decisive action on Kashmir.

Watch Pakistan’s award winning journalist Ahmed Quraishi give his expert analyses on Current Affairs and Geopolitics with Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi, Activist and Editor of  Voice of East in a different kind of show “Q & A from Islamabad”

Voice of East (پیام ِ مشرق) is Pakistan’s number one ideological online media platform in English and Urdu, focusing on issues related to Pakistan and the Muslim World. Watch strategic and geopolitical analysis, and discussions on…

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