Love of Ottomans for the Prophet PBUH and his family

Voice of East

By News Desk

It was a practise of the Ottomans for centuries to place their hands upon their hearts and to lower their heads when the blessed name of Sayyiduna Muhammad ﷺ was mentioned in the khutba, in lessons, in conversations, at home, and in all situations. Why? Because when Madinah is distant and reaching it is difficult – The Beloved ﷺ is alive in our hearts. (Hayyun fi Qulubina).
They would also do this because when yearning for him ﷺ would erupt like a volcano and desire to see him would reach its pinnacle – it was only through wiping the chest that the hearts would find rest. They had exemplary adab and lowered themselves before his supreme rank ﷺ so Allāh raised them.

– Shaykh Mohammed Aslam

A great example of the love of the Ottoman Sultans for the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was the value they attached…

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