Imagine Independence In An Occupied Land: A Kashmiri’s Message On Pakistan’s Independence Day

Voice of East

By Shaista Safi

I read an article, “Why Should I Celebrate Independence Day” where the author believed that because the motto of creation is yet to be achieved, why celebrate Independence Day? To some extent I agree but these same people don’t think likewise when it comes to their personal lives. Have they achieved everything in their life? Have they attained all their goals? Have they completed all their responsibilities for which they were sent to this world? Answer would be a big NO but yet they celebrate their birthdays with full passion. Appreciate what you have Pakistanis; your Independence Day is your birthday. And every year you plan to be better, to be stronger and wiser. When your life is not a burden on you, why should the life of your nation be a burden?

These negative and depressive blogs and writings on national days of Pakistan are now…

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