The Face of Ahmad ﷺ

The face of Ahmadﷺ
Like the full Moon wrapped in a pure silk cloth
Light flowing as though flooding from his blessed pores ﷺ
His blessed eyes ﷺ
Darkened as by Kohl, shadowed like the Moon’s crevices ﷺ
Those lips sweetened by the Divine Revelation ﷺ
His utterance of it a mellow articulation of sincerity ﷺ
Not artificial, not disguised
Plain and natural as the bee delivering its honey ﷺ
Melodious and pure, enrapturing who hears it ﷺ
Lustrating the heart of every listener ﷺ
Decorating it with deep tranquility and beauty ﷺ
O the generosity and care-taking of that Prophet ﷺ
Were the shame of a sinner and transgressor
From his Umma ﷺ to surface for all to see
He would shelter it under his own blessed cloak ﷺ
O the beauty of that Prophet and O the humility ﷺ
Were he to sit ﷺ amongst the destitute and…

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