Nourished by His Light ﷺ

O stars,
Look upon Muhammadﷺ
And nourish yourselves
With this Light!

Come here, O Self, let me whisper into your ear:
No, do not thank me with vain flattery
Thank me instead by emulating him
And by singing to me his name
Openly in plain daylight
And in the throes of the night!

My heart has been captured
By a drink of rapture
Swinging between tears and laughter
O Soul, Muhammad is who we’re afterﷺ!

What sweet bliss, a nectar from the finest flowers
Has been churned in this heart to make an inebriating honey
Intoxicated at the the tongue’s touch of it
Yet I drank the whole of it in one go.

This love entered into my heart
And its world was flipped altogether
I saw the dunya below my feet
And I told it, stay there, for you are worth no more
I stamped my foot for…

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