A Divinely Ordained Crown

When a lady appears before me in her Hijab
I am reminded of my beloved Muhammadﷺ
Not only due to her will being aligned with hisﷺ
But for the courage that manifests upon her
Especially in the times of ignorance that we live in
A Divinely Ordained Crown that she weighs upon her lower desires
Verily it is the humility that springs from his heartﷺ
That flows as a beautiful covering for every believer
Thus the Hijab is an internal reality made manifest
And so it is that we are fashioned by the Muhammadan Lightsﷺ
The King of Kings gave us of His Beauty
As the King does offer a gift to His beloved servant
And ordered us, as He did, to guard this treasure
Lest we be dispossessed of it by darkness
And so I am reminded of this trust
And so I am reminded of this gift

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