The Night Journey

That Night You manifested the honor of Your Prophetﷺ
And the Heavens were privileged by al-Muṣṭafā’s visitﷺ
O Perfumed Oneﷺ, how the Prophets were graced
How your brothers were ennobled by a vision exquisiteﷺ

O Imam of the Prophetsﷺ, be our Imam now and forever
Sweetness for al-Burāq by the raising of your foot upon itﷺ
The Angels gathered in throes to catch a glimpse
Of al-Hāshimī, from whom the Divine Secrets emitﷺ

Verily, you were not visiting the Heavens raised above
But the Heavens raised above, O Muḥammad, were visiting youﷺ
The Celestial Kaʿba, brimming with 70,000 Angels
Entering it daily, was raised through the Beloved of The Trueﷺ

Verily, Mūsā was ordered to remove his sandals when addressed
But the Lord of the Heavens did not say so to his Belovedﷺ
“All compliments, all prayer and worship are for Allāh”
“Allāh’s Peace, Mercy and Blessings upon you, O…

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