Muhammad Is Here ﷺ

The heart deprived of love for himﷺ
Accompanies a tongue full of questions
Yet the heart basking in that light
Has but an answer
And its answer is Muḥammadﷺ
Tight-lipped due to that yearning
The cure for the longing of the lover
Is more longing
Muḥammad is hereﷺ
Why stumble in the darkness
The Celestial Beacon has been sentﷺ
Emitting the musk of Paradise
Inebriating all those ready to taste
The trace of that aroma is our guide
Emanating from his lovers
Raise your hands O lover
And invoke blessings upon this belovedﷺ
His name is the fragrance of your essenceﷺ
Follow that trail and never wander lost again
Muḥammad is hereﷺ
His presence is palatableﷺ
In the aura of those who pour that drink
Drench your soul in that name
Muḥammad is hereﷺ
Inundate your heart with this brew
Cascading from the Realm of Eternity
Taste the rapture from…

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