Pages from diary of a Shaheed who fought TTP

Pages from diary of Lt.Wajeeh Ullah Bangash Shaheed-123 PMA LC

22 Nov 2011, one fine morning, performing my duty as Reserve QRF Comd. for Corp Comd’s visit, I got an sms. I thought it would be some forwarded sms. Yeah, it was a forwarded sms BUT that sms made me on fire, I was shocked, trembled, my heart.
I don’t have the words to explain my condition because that sms was about shahadat of one of my dear course-mate, my course being very large in number. 601 passed out. I didn’t have that much interaction with Lt. Adnan Shaheed, but being a course-mate, the news of his shahadat put me on fire. I just wanted and prayed to have wings and fly over to that place where he embraced shahadat, and tear apart those bastards who did this. I am now thinking what would be the condition of his parents, his family and if he had any beloved, what will be their condition.
Oh my Lord! Rest his soul in peace and please please please My Lord take me to that place and let me given a chance from Your side to take revenge of this buddy and other lucky ones who will be, I am dead sure, enjoying in the world not seen by us.
My Lord, I have one wish. Please bless me with the same blessings and let me die in Your name, let me have bullets on my chest, but first to kill those bastards who may become reason for so many other such incidents.
My Lord! Bless me with this blessing. Bless me with this blessing. Bless me with this blessing. Ilahi Ameen.

2 thoughts on “Pages from diary of a Shaheed who fought TTP

  1. nothing to say. shaheed wah kia bat hai. apnay rub kay samnanay seena thok kay khara ho ga. subhanallah …………………………………………….

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