Indian Ocean: Battlefield for dominance

BrassTacks Policy Paper
by Shahzad Masood Roomi

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One thought on “Indian Ocean: Battlefield for dominance

  1. Excellent article, Very Good insight into the Geo-political and Military situation of the World.
    Its seems really interesting by looking things from the top.
    When i see pictures above of US-aircaraft carriers in the sea, these huge ships really look like a tiny dot infont of the sea and one Wave ordered by Allah can wipe them out.
    So we muslims nothing have to be worried about, we just have to worried about our relationship with ALLAH.
    dunya mein tou shayed app say mulaqaat na ho sakay Uncle Zaid Hamid, IA aakhirat mein apkay sath or Sir Allama Iqbal kay sath Dinner kaoon ga. 🙂

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