Destruction of the holiest places on earth

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

اَللّٰھُمَّ صَلِّ عَلٰی مُحَمَّدٍ وَّعَلٰٓی اٰلِ مُحَمَّدٍ

A grievous reality that the Muslim Ummah has overlooked for a long time now, is the fast vanishing Islamic historical heritage at the hands of Saudi government. The sacred places related to the blessed Prophet [PBUH] of Islam and his family members were untouched and had been preserved with utmost reverence and love till the time of the Ottoman caliphate. When family of Al-Saud came to power in the Arabian peninsula, they not only named an entire country after their family but also introduced a new puritanical version of Islam. [Read Confessions of a British Spy]

This is an extremely painful topic to write about and these pictures will wrench the hearts of all the lovers and devotees of our beloved Prophet Muhammad [PBUH].
In this picture, we can see that the blessed birth place of our Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] has been turned into a library:

Up till previously, devoted pilgrims were allowed to pay their respect to the Holy Prophet [PBUH] at this place, but now even that has been stopped.

This is an old picture of the mausoleum of Ummul-Momineen Bibi Khadija [RA]:

Unfortunately, this blessed place was bulldozed by the Saudi government. Here it is how it looks today:

This is an old picture of the mausoleum of Hamza [RA], the Lion of the Battle of Uhad, along with the resting place of other martyrs of the Battle of Uhad:

This is how it looks today:

Look what they did to the grave of Prophet’s [PBUH] mother Bibi Amina. Now there is garbage in the place of Mausoleum of Bibi Amina in Abwa:

They did not even leave the burial place of the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]. This is the resting place of the Prophet’s beloved daughter Fatima [RA]

Every true believer knows that the Prophets of Allah are always alive according to the Quran and Hadeeth but this simple fact is not understood by some people as they removed the most beautiful name of Muhammad [PBUH] from the golden lattice. In this old picture, it can be clearly seen that ‘Ya Allah‘ and ‘Ya Muhammad‘ [PBUH] are written:

In 1925, the Saudi government changed ‘Ya Muhammad‘ to ‘Ya Majeed‘ which is one of the 99 names of Allah:

The inability of Wahhabism to understand the importance of the relation with our Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is extremely distressing. And even more painful is the criminal silence of the rest of the Islamic countries of the world regarding these atrocious acts of one Muslim country. We are all guilty of being silent when our greatest heritage and treasure was being trampled upon by some misguided version of Islam. All the Muslims should register their protest in whatever capacity they can, so that what little is left of the blessed heritage of Islam can be preserved with dignity and honour.

List of Destroyed sites

Cemeteries and tombs
Historical religious sites
  • The house of Mawlid where Muhammad is believed to have been born in 570. Originally turned into a cattle market, it now lies under a rundown building which was built 70 years ago as a compromise after Wahhabi clerics called for it to be torn down.[11]
  • The house of Khadija, Muhammad’s first wife. Muslims believe he received some of the first revelations there. It was also where his children Umm Kulthum, Ruqayyah, Zainab, Fatimah and Qasim were born. After it was rediscovered during the Haram extensions in 1989, it was covered over and it was made into a library.
  • House of Muhammed in Medina, where he lived after the migration from Mecca.[10]
  • Dar al Arqam, the first Islamic school where Muhammad taught.[11] It now lies under the extension of the Masjid Al Nabawi of Madinah.
  • Qubbat’ al-Thanaya, the burial site of Muhammed’s incisor that was broken in the Battle of Uhud.[6]
  • Mashrubat Umm Ibrahim, built to mark the location of the house where Muhammad’s son, Ibrahim, was born to Mariah.
  • Dome which served as a canopy over the Well of Zamzam.[10]
  • Bayt al-Ahzan of Sayyida Fatima, in Medina.[10]
  • House of Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq, in Medina.[10]
  • Mahhalla complex of Banu Hashim, in Medina.[10]
  • House of Ali where Hasan and Husayn were born.[10]

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Introduction to Finance


13 thoughts on “Destruction of the holiest places on earth

  1. May Allaah damn the wahhaabis so-called “salafiyys” for the harm they have caused. We love you Yaa Rasool Allaah! And we love ahlul bayt!

    Allaah exists without a place and He is not a body and He cannot be imagined in the minds–the belief of ALL Muslims. The wahhaabis are against this belief! They worship a big body that they imagined. Surely the shaytaan has tricked them and lead far away from the truth. May Allaah protect the Muslims from their fitnah. Aameen.

    Authentic Islaamic teachings:

  2. May allah be curse upon those who are involved in this heinous act.
    insaallah, , soon they will look like a pig…and their deeds are like devil deeds which will never accepted by almighty allah.. (S.W.T.)

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