Zionist newspaper’s in your face support for homosexuality!

By Syeda Qudsia Mashhadi.

While buying a Pakistani newspaper, do you expect it to be championing the rights of Gays and Lesbians in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan??

Well, that is exactly what happened. I have stopped buying newspapers from anti-Pakistan newspaper groups, but when my car stopped at the traffic signal, I bought one from a poor child. Lo and behold! Express Tribune beat the Jew [Geo] Media Group in an obvious effort  to please its Zionist masters. A little cry escaped me as I held the Express Tribune Sunday Magazine in my hand. What in the hell? The cover was the infamous LGBT flag and a 10 pages long Cover Story accompanied it to ‘sympathize’ with the homosexual population of Pakistan. And they desecrated our sacred symbols of ‘crescent and star’ by showing them on this flag. Even writing these words about this perverse cover story is distressing and agonizing.

Express Tribune Sunday Magazine - 30 Oct 2011

A shameful cover story!

Where are we heading as a nation?

How much perverse can the Pakistani media get?

Have they lost all sense of decency?

What do I tell my kids, when they ask me what this accursed flag represents?

Their audacity to question the Quranic principles of Islam is shocking and hurtful.

In the Quran, Surah Al-Araaf , Verses 80-84 , Allah says

And Lot! (Remember) when he said unto his folk: Will ye commit abomination such as no creature ever did before you? (80) Lo! ye come with lust unto men instead of women. Nay, but ye are wanton folk. (81) And the answer of his people was only that they said (one to another): Turn them out of your township. They are folk, forsooth, who keep pure. (82) And We rescued him and his household, save his wife, who was of those who stayed behind. (83) And We rained a rain upon them. See now the nature of the consequence of evil-doers! (84)
According to the hadith of our Prophet [sm], the throne of Allah shakes when such a shameful deed is done, and that, the penalty for such act is only death.

These Zionists are so good at mind control that they arouse sympathy for such freaks through wild claims such asthey are born this way, it is not their fault.This is the most ridiculous argument! It is like saying, ‘Oh, I can’t help stealing, I was born a thief, so I should be allowed to do it. or ‘ I was born a liar so you cannot blame me, I was made that way by Allah’. Astaghfirullah! Allah has created everything on Nature and Nature is NOT perverse or abnormal.

This is simply due to lack of proper moral education that these individuals lower themselves from humanity and become slaves to Satan. We should be there to guide them and bring them back to Allah. Instead the Satanic newspapers and magazines are encouraging this malaise in the society.

And another thing: doesn’t this flag remind you of one of our popular TV Channels?
All these channels and news groups are rotten eggs and should be thrown out of the window!

I say, stop buying such trash! Stop supporting these foreign-controlled, Zionist-funded media groups of Pakistan. This must stop! For the sake of our children, for the sake of preserving our Emaan, stop watching their TV channels and stop reading their trash.

Pakistan is an Islamic ideological state and there is no way we will let these shameless, secular zombies run our country and our minds!

May Allah clean our country of these traitorous Media houses amongst us. Ameen

Copyright © Syeda Qudsia Mashhadi

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13 thoughts on “Zionist newspaper’s in your face support for homosexuality!

  1. Iffat Khan

    No wonder we have become the Asfala- Safileen !!!!!!!!!

  2. Jazaakillah for the write-up sister. We need such voices from the side of Haqq. If you don’t mind, can I share this piece on other websites?

  3. Ayesha Iqbal

    May Allah bless you sister for raising such critical issue.

  4. Muhammad Umer

    Our sold-out media channels and newspapers are playing in the hands of Zionists. The enemies are trying hard to take away moral values of Islam from our lifestyles. They want to spread the filthy of 0.5% population to the whole nation. This media is spreading nudity, shamelessness. There is NONE to check their activities. Society is becoming depressed and demoralized by the activities of electronic and print media.

    I would like to thank the author to raise voice against the loathsome activities of media.

    Jazakallah Khair!

  5. asif

    This is what we need to create awareness about knowing the satanic faces and their aims. These zionists have manipulated the minds of our youth and the problems is that these acts are appreciated by the elders/parents. Why we don’t raise our voices to stop it…..
    I appreciate the author for writing such a nice article….

  6. May Allah guide them to the straight path.

    They are supporting the Nation of Lot.

  7. Peace

    worst of azaabs came just for this sin, its so horrible to think that because of these few people if not stopped by us then Allah’s wrath won’t distinguish good and evil among us, naozobillah

  8. Its such a very nice effort. We should create our real image to demolish such kind of rubbish, please think about it what we should do next……

  9. Another article against it

    We need more..

  10. JazakAllah khairan kaseera dear sister for giving the alarming call before we are plunged deep down into the abyss from where there is no point of return.

  11. jazakaAllah Aapi , that was good shared it on Youth Campaign against Express Tribune

  12. Zeeshan

    I feel relieved and encouraged to still find sane voices and daring people who want to support the TRUTH besides all odds and challenges of this “Dajjal Era”. This can indeed be done with patience and perseverance and above “Taufeeq” from Allah Almighty.

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