Pakistan without Pakistan Army?

Pak Army Jawans defending the borders

By Syeda Qudsia Mashhadi.

Imagine a Pakistan without the Pakistan Army!!
The most coveted desire of the enemies of Pakistan at present!

As Pakistan Army is a sore thorn in the eyes of the enemies of Pakistan, they have fully utilized to their advantage, the issue of the release of CIA operative, Raymond Davis. All hell has broken loose against the Pakistan Army and ISI as the media is crying foul at ISI’s role in the release of Davis. The corrupt government is not ready to take any responsibility in this matter, and the stance of Judiciary too is raising a lot of questions in the public.
Regardless of the debate whether ISI and Pakistan Army are responsible for Raymond’s release, this fact should be remembered that it was the ISI and Pakistan Army which interrogated Raymond Davis for 61 days! They not only obtained important intelligence from him but also located hundreds like him who were involved in anti-state activities all over the country. These agents have now been deported from the country and the CIA has been dealt with an iron fist. All over the internet, the international newspapers are reporting that the Pakistani ISI had an upper hand in negotiations with the CIA.
The Pakistani politicians cannot communicate at an equal level with their American counterparts, what to say about communication from a stronger position. The Pakistani Intelligence, on the other hand, is in a stronger position when communicating with the American CIA.
If it was not for the ISI, the sold-out government was willing to hand Davis back to America the same day that he was caught!
It is time that the Pakistani public realizes the games played by the Zionist media groups in the country to destabilize the country. It is the biggest treachery imaginable, to turn a nation against their own defenders. Not only various newspapers and channels are carrying out propaganda against the armed forces but the highly popular social networks like Facebook and other social and political forums are also being used by the cyber-warriors to defame Pak Army and ISI. This is exactly what has happened in Libya. The Globalists created distances between the Libyan army and the Libyan public and have now found an excuse to attack Libya under the umbrella of United Nations.
The Pakistani youth, which is already running high on emotions due to the constant afflictions suffered at the hands of heartless leaders, does not know how to handle this situation and is venting out its anger on the Pakistan Army. By doing this, the Pakistanis are directly playing in the enemy’s hands. Such sentiments will only increase anarchy in the country. Extremely negative ideas are being circulated around, enticing people to aggression. Questions are being raised about the budget and expenses of the armed forces, whereas the nation should be thankful to men of this Pakistan Army who put their lives on line every day, not for themselves, but to protect their fellow citizens.
Whether it is an earthquake, a flood, or the management of internally displaced persons, Pakistan Army has always been the most reliable and dependable institute in the country. How can we put aside the valiant men who are honourably serving the nation at Siachin? A glacier that is considered by all to be the toughest terrain in the world!! Thousands of men of this same Army have lost their lives ridding the nation of the fitna of TTP [Tehriq-e-Taliban Pakistan]. All Pakistanis should support Pakistan Armed Forces, because it is the only wall standing between us and the enemy!
Pakistan Zindabaad!!
Pak Army Zindabaad!!

This is what Dr Farrukh Saleem, an Islamabad based Defense Analyst, had to say about Army’s role in the release of Raymond Davis, in ‘The News’ [Sunday, March 20, 2011]:

March 16: Pakistani court releases Davis.

The Finale: One; Pakistani courts under Pakistani law gave the final verdict.

Two; heirs of Pakistanis killed had the final say.

Three; the ISI negotiated and won what they thought was in Pakistan’s best interest.

Four; Philip Crowley’s threats and John Kerry’s dollars did not work.

Five; between January 27 and February 23, the Punjab Government, the Federal Government and the ISI managed to resist all sorts of American threats, bluffs and blackmailing.

Six; at the end of the day America was made to back off, Pakistan prevailed.

Seven; Pakistan now begins bowling (read: the endgame in Afghanistan) with an upper hand.

Copyright © Syeda Qudsia Mashhadi


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2 thoughts on “Pakistan without Pakistan Army?

  1. Only one way

    Every person make his own Self be honest and then go ..find what you want.
    The people from Pakistan they are No idea what kind Of plaining our Enemy they have .now for request to All Please make your self strong

  2. Rizwan Shaikh

    nice efforts, Mashallah, may Allah reward you for your grants.

    jazaka Allah khair

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