Kiya daag achay hotay hain?

dirt is goodKiya daag achay hotay hain?
[It’s good to be dirty?]

By Syeda Qudsia Mashhadi.

Daag to achay hotay hain” [Stains and dirt are good]! In the past few years, we have listened to this statement so many times that it has scalded our ears. But I ask, is this really so? What does Islam tell us? Is it good to be unclean and dirty?

This is not a trivial matter to be laughed off casually. The jingles, the tags, the subtitles and the trademarks of the famous brands of major multinationals (majority of which are controlled by the Zionist Jews) are carefully thought out in order to programme a nation. Each and every symbol and statement carries a hidden, subliminal message which the Elite and the Globalists use to their advantage. It’s time that Pakistanis wake up to this reality, as even the people in the West are being woken up by people like Alex Jones and David Icke.

When I listen and watch the majority of advertisements on the media today, I am reminded of the hadith of the Holy Prophet [PBUH] in which he said that ‘At the time of Fitna, good things will be presented as bad, and bad things will be presented as good”. These ads, in most of the cases, are directly against the teachings of our religion, Islam. “Purification and cleanliness is half the Faith”, says the Prophet [PBUH], but they tell you that it is GOOD to be dirty, filthy and messy, simply because it is good for THEM! They have to sell their detergent, so you better roll yourself up in mud and jump around in filth! Great! In their latest ad, a very indecent act, that of a group of boys taking down the pants of another boy, is shown in a sympathetic light. What kind of messages are they giving to our youth? This kind of behaviour should have no room in our culture, and it is distressing to see that the Free-masonic media is hell-bent upon making it a part of the Pakistani culture.

At other times, the message is not that subtle. It’s in your face. Ever pondered over sentences like,

Kha lay, pe lay, jee lay”, [Eat, drink and be merry?]

Sari raat, muft main baat”? [Free chatting all night]

“Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.” How cleverly western hedonistic ideology is being ingrained in our minds! An ideology which is exactly opposite to the spirit of being a Muslim. Islam is a complete way of life which tells us to live in this world with our focus on the hereafter [Akhira]. There has to be some purpose to life. We are not here just to eat, drink and indulge in physical pleasures like the animals. What makes us superior is our inane ability to achieve greatness.

Then there are the mobile phone service providers, whose sole aim seems to spread immodesty and moral degeneration in the society. The need for a man to call his wife from midnight to six in the morning and vice versa very rarely arises. It is very unlikely that any call needs to be made for genuine reason at this time of the night or should I say, at this time in the early morning? What are these ads telling our youth? That it is not only okay to have relationships before marriage, it is something so good that the cellular networks will help them achieve this for free. There goes the institution of Nikah! A sunnah of our beloved Prophet [PBUH].

The fact is that this Dajjali System has made the ‘Halal’ difficult and ‘Haraam ‘very accessibe and convenient. Youth of today are turning into frustrated middle aged people because they simply cannot afford the expenses of a wedding. On the other hand, it is very easy for them to make numerous girlfriends / boyfriends because that has been made affordable and attractive to them.

All we need to do is do some our own research about everything. We should not let ourselves be mind-controlled by our enemies who basically own more than 90% of our media. We should not rush blindly to the market to buy something that an ad on the T.V. tells us to buy. And lastly we should not adopt something just because it is ‘in’.

We are MUSLIMS! Aren’t we? Our priority should be the order of Allah, our Creator, and the Sunnah of our beloved Mohammad [PBUH]! We should not be fooled by the razzmatazz of this mortal world, and especially not by the Illuminati-controlled media. May we be blessed with the firasat of a momin to know right from wrong.

Copyright © Syeda Qudsia Mashhadi

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