The Face of Ahmad ﷺ

Originally posted on Lounès:

The face of Ahmadﷺ
Like the full Moon wrapped in a pure silk cloth
Light flowing as though flooding from his blessed pores ﷺ
His blessed eyes ﷺ
Darkened as by Kohl, shadowed like the Moon’s crevices ﷺ
Those lips sweetened by the Divine Revelation ﷺ
His utterance of it a mellow articulation of sincerity ﷺ
Not artificial, not disguised
Plain and natural as the bee delivering its honey ﷺ
Melodious and pure, enrapturing who hears it ﷺ
Lustrating the heart of every listener ﷺ
Decorating it with deep tranquility and beauty ﷺ
O the generosity and care-taking of that Prophet ﷺ
Were the shame of a sinner and transgressor
From his Umma ﷺ to surface for all to see
He would shelter it under his own blessed cloak ﷺ
O the beauty of that Prophet and O the humility ﷺ
Were he to sit ﷺ amongst the destitute and…

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Nourished by His Light ﷺ

Originally posted on Lounès:

O stars,
Look upon Muhammadﷺ
And nourish yourselves
With this Light!

Come here, O Self, let me whisper into your ear:
No, do not thank me with vain flattery
Thank me instead by emulating him
And by singing to me his name
Openly in plain daylight
And in the throes of the night!

My heart has been captured
By a drink of rapture
Swinging between tears and laughter
O Soul, Muhammad is who we’re afterﷺ!

What sweet bliss, a nectar from the finest flowers
Has been churned in this heart to make an inebriating honey
Intoxicated at the the tongue’s touch of it
Yet I drank the whole of it in one go.

This love entered into my heart
And its world was flipped altogether
I saw the dunya below my feet
And I told it, stay there, for you are worth no more
I stamped my foot for…

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His Light Upon My Brow ﷺ

Originally posted on Lounès:

Were the gaze of Muhammad ﷺ to reach me
I would, with the light upon my brow,
Boast before the brightest stars in the skies
“O Stars, make way, be not shameless!”
For his sake and not for the receiver
For no cheek is met by this mercy
But it is crowned as a manifest king
In the Heavens and in the lands
Amongst Mankind and Jinn
Amongst the animals and plants
Amongst the mountains and seas
Worldly kings are compelled
To lower their necks in reverence
Before he who is cradled in the sphere
Of Muhammad’s Gazeﷺ
In reality, no one is truly praised
Except for Muhammadﷺ
For he is the Spring of Praiseworthy Traits
And the Light in every good deed and word
The Guiding Light, in this very moment amongst us!
Like Waters of Alchemy
Your portion is proportionate to your aspiration
Drink, then drink some more!

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