Muḥammad Is Forever The Victorﷺ

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When the pagan approached you
As you rested under the shadeﷺ
And he wielded your sword
That hung right by youﷺ
He asked you if you feared him
You repliedﷺ, “No,”
He asked you, “Who will save you from me now?”
You repliedﷺ, “Allāh,”
And as the Sanctified Name
Departed from your blessed lipsﷺ
Soaring as a whiff from the Celestial Realms
As the fragrance from a thousand flowers would
The abyss of darkness that is the pagan’s heart
Met the Light of your Pure Speechﷺ
Casting fear into his Soul
Just as the night-bird would recoil
Before the flashing of light beams
Yes – the Aḥmadan Lightﷺ burst before him
And his knees were made to shake
His limbs were made paralyzed
And his intellect was left frozen
“Allāh,” you saidﷺ
And his heart tasted your Sublime Presenceﷺ
It tasted the Muḥammadan Realityﷺ
And the sword dropped in a…

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The Gaze of Muhammadﷺ

Originally posted on Lounès:

Take from this cup
A drink to quench
These words are water
From the spring
Of invocations
Upon Muḥammadﷺ
Amongst the blessings
Of these invocations
Is the producing of
A fervent gushing
Of sweet drink
That quenches
And grants
Temporary solace
So drink copiously
I have no skill
I have but love
These words are his Lightﷺ

O Moon – tonight when I looked upon you
I noticed that there is a joy about your radiance
There is a shyness about your disposition
There is a beauty that is unique to you
I have finally put my finger on it
Your are silent in speech
But your state reveals your secret
And I will reveal your secret
Muḥammad ibn ʿAbdullāh gazed upon youﷺ
May Allāh’s blessings be upon heﷺ
Who when he pointed towards you
Your heart and very being split asunder in awe
Aquiver before his majestyﷺ
O Moon…

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Sayyidunā Wa Mawlānā ʿAlī ibn Abī Tālib عليه السلام


The Wielder of the Sword of Truth, the Keyholder of the Path, the Lifelong Companion of the Beloved Prophetﷺ, and his Companion in the Next Lifeﷺ, Our Master and Our Star of Guidance.

Originally posted on Lounès:

I come to speak to you not as a scholar, nor as a learned man, nor as a historian. I come to you as a man with no titles. I come as a lover. And what is there not to love about the man I have come to speak of. For he is the beloved of the Beloved of Allāhﷺ. He is the son of the Prophet’s uncleﷺ. He is the Dweller of the City of Knowledge, nay, he is its very Gate. I come to speak to you of the one whose single strike before the enemies of Allāh is worth more than the worship of all of Mankind and Jinns. What is there not to love. I have come to speak of the one whose Noble Countenance is so full of Light and Remembrance of Allāh, resplendent with the Love of the Prophetﷺ, that beholding it is itself…

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