“None of you should die except with a good opinion of Allah.” (Hadith)

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8-islamic-calligraphy-corporate-art-task-forceThe Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said,

“None of you should die except with a good opinion of Allah.”

This means you should think that He will have mercy on you and forgive you. We never know which moment of life is the last one, so never let hopelessness or thanklessness take over your mind, not even for a moment. There is always something to be grateful for and when you acknowledge the blessings in your life you realize that when your Creator has given you so many blessings, He will give you more. Because Allah’s mercy overwhelms his wrath!

Beware of any negative thoughts that may pop in your mind. It happens to everyone but how you deal with these thoughts is what matters the most. If you embrace them and accept them, they will bring you down even more. So you must…

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His Beauty ﷺ Has Made Me a Poet

They ask me, “Tell me about your beloved?”
What can I say to you; his beautyﷺ has made me a poet
For by Allah, even describing himﷺ neutrally is itself a poem
His descriptionﷺ is akin to a garden of superlatives
And his attributesﷺ are the most beautiful of flowers
The hearts of his loversﷺ are nurtured by them like bees
And the honey they produce therefrom is a cure
What can I say to you; his beautyﷺ has made me a poet
Breathing in his lightﷺ, the hearts blossom in the garden of praise
Drinking this blessed waterﷺ, they shiver like thirsty stems revived
I have taken on the impossible, in walking this path of praise
Like trying to bring the Sun through the pen’s tip
O beloved questioner, listen here:
What can I say to you; his beautyﷺ has made me a poet
What can the thirsty man…

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Agency Rules, Always!

Voice of East

Book Review of Khalid Muhammad’s ‘Agency Rules: Never An Easy Day At The Office’

By Syeda Qudsia Mashhadi

Agency Rules’ by Khalid Muhammad is a gripping spy thriller that holds the reader’s attention right from the beginning to the end of the story. It takes one on a roller-coaster ride with an intelligence agent, Kamal Khan who goes undercover to expose a terrorist stronghold in the north western province of Pakistan.

The protagonist’s journey is described in the engaging style of an action thriller and keeps the reader wondering what may happen next to the hero. The only few times where the pace slows down a little is when the setting involves the conniving politicians, who are always thinking about themselves, not giving a thought to the security or well-being of the country. But even here, the author has presented a likeable character in the form of Adnan…

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