The Islamic World Peace Forum (IWPF) on ISIS Terrorist Group

ISIS threaten international peace

The Islamic World Peace Forum (IWPF) take a Virtual Roundtable about Measures of ISIS Terrorist Group by scholars of Global Alliance , including Dr. Mrs. May El-Khansa, Dr. Felix Angel Herrero Duran, Seyed Zaid Zaman Hamid, Dr. Zuhair A H Almahmeed, Professor Chandra Muzaffar and Ilgar Allahverdiyev.
Respect for human status, rights and dignity is the common features of all religions and cultures. Hence, terrorists must not be allowed to undermine these values in the region and in the world. The anti-human and criminal acts of the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Al- Sham (ISIS) terrorist group in Syria and Iraq are not only crimes against humanity and human dignity, but also pose serious threats to regional and global peace. It must be borne in mind that the power of this terrorist group in Syria and Iraq poses serious threat to regional peace and security in the short term and to international peace and security in the long term. Therefore, the Muslim countries as well as the elites of the world of Islam should join hand to promptly develop regional and global mechanisms and strategic measures to face this terrorist group. Such measures not only will thwart the savage and inhumane acts of terrorist groups such as the ISIS in Iraq and the region, but also would be a platform for promotion of cooperation among Islamic states to prevent and uproot all terrorist groups in the region and the world. As an international Non-Governmental Organization, the Islamic World Peace Forum (IWPF) has always endeavored to preserve human values, peace and justice in the region and the world. In the light of the recent developments in the region, Dr. Davoud Ameri, the Secretary General of the IWPF has underlined the need to review the global discourse of fight against terrorism. In a letter to the UN Secretary General, His Excellency Ban Ki-moon, he has mentioned that the terrorist acts of ISIS in Iraq pose serious threats to the regional peace and stability. In continuation of its efforts to highlight the threat of this terrorist group, the IWPF organized a virtual roundtable with the participation of outstanding elites of the world. The main objective of the roundtable was to provide a platform for the elites to shed light on the threats posed the ISIS terrorist group and find out effective mechanisms to confront it in the region and other terrorist groups in the world.
The main themes of the roundtable were: Measures of the ISIS terrorist group in the region; the threats posed by the ISIS against regional and international peace and security; and violation of human rights and dignity by the ISIS.

  • What is your idea about the recent measures taken by the terrorist group, Islamic State in Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS)?

The answer of the elites to this question in the virtual roundtable is as follows:


  1. Mrs. May El-Khansa (PhD in international Law, human rights activist in the Islamic world)
    The USA and Israel are plotting to introduce Islam as a radical and takfiri religion to allow Israel and US continue their crimes against Muslims and especially in Palestine and that’s what is happening now, they are killing Palestinians and nobody move. So, ISIS terrorist group has been formed to divert the world’s attention from the crimes being committed by the Zionists in Palestine.
    Dr. Felix Angel Herrero Duran (activist on terror charges against Spain’s Muslim community, peace activist)
    They are clearly contrary to Islam measures for human rights recognized by the United Nations and Human Intelligence and Reasoning.
    Seyed Zaid Zaman Hamid (analyst and founder of a think-tank on international and political events in Pakistan)
    ISIS is terrorist gangs of Khawarij, created by the Mossad/MI6 to destroy the Muslim countries from within, ignite sectarian wars and pave the way for the creation of greater Israel in the Middle East. Rasul Allah (sm) had foretold us about this group in ahadees mubaraka of the end time and all the signs of khawarij foretold in ahadees about this group are fulfilled here. Muslims should unite to crush this fitnah with full force.
    Dr. Zuhair A H Almahmeed (Secretary –General of the Islamic National Movement)
    ISIS is a Wahhabi terrorist Group just like Al-Nusra Front and AL-Qaeda and several Others that are creations of Arrogant Powers Intelligence agencies and their Tools in the Middle East , They are mere tools that are commissioned to divide and reshape the Arab world into Weak Mini states that represent Religious and or Ethnic Minorities that will in turn weaken Arab and Muslim States in favor of Justifying A Strong Jewish State in the Heart of the Arab and Muslim States for decades into the Future.
    Professor Chandra Muzaffar (Head of the International Movement for a Just Peace)
    ISIS’s alleged brutal and barbaric killing of those who do not subscribe to its narrow, bigoted view of Islam confirms that the group is a vile and vicious terrorist outfit.
    Ilgar Allahverdiyev (President of the International Religious Liberty Association, Editor in Chief of the Deyerler newspaper)
    ISIS is the terrorist group created by Western special intelligence services and coordinated by intelligence and diversionary structures of Zionist regime. ISIS is formed to separate the Islam ummah and to prevent the unity process of Muslim countries. ISIS’s provocation in Iraq is an example of their policy to split the unity. Killing innocent people, spreading the death and destruction ISIS performs the wishes of own curators.
  • What are the threats posed by this terrorist group to international peace and world security?

The answer of the elites to this question in the virtual roundtable is as follows:
Dr. Mrs. May El-Khansa: Threats and danger from the terrorist group (Takfiri militants) are threatening peace in the entire region and the world. They form the most dangerous threat to the whole Middle East. And it’s known that the United States and some Gulf countries are backing these terrorist organizations, they want to dismember Iraq states.
Dr. Felix Angel Herrero Duran: Is globalization of terrorism, these armed terrorists ideological financially by Arab dictatorships, and militarily by the long arm of Zionism, will not relent in its efforts to create what they define as caliphate, although not more than a crude dictatorship crazy tie, and this terrorism exported to any corner of the planet where they are.

Seyed Zaid Zaman Hamid: This is an Israeli article — one of the most clear evidence that Iraqi army is being systematically destroyed by the Americans to clear the way for the ISIS. There is NO US support to defeat ISIS, in fact, US is now destroying the Iraqi army… ISIS will be allowed to expand to a point, and then a Shia state will be allowed to stay in south. The final plan will then be complete for a massive sectarian war but for now, ISIS is being helped to gain ground.
Dr. Zuhair A H Almahmeed: Those Groups will turn eventually on their Masters when they realise the End Game, as they are not commissioned to fight proxy wars and go back to their countries, but they are sent to destroy and be destroyed.
Professor Chandra Muzaffar: ISIS is an affront to international law and global peace. If a group like ISIS is not confronted and defeated by the peace-loving people of the world, the seizure of power through terrorism may become a norm.
Ilgar Allahverdiyev: ISIS is the destructive group established to terror of people. Terrorism is the main line of ISIS and only program of their existence. So, taking into account this issue we can say that there will be no peace and public tranquility in the region until such terrorist groups exist. Countries of this region should understand the threat spreading by ISIS and begin the unity process against this real danger. It is necessary to achieve the success on breaking the financial and any support are provided by some countries. And the very important point is the governments that flirting with terrorists were needed to refuse from such policy.

  • What is your opinion about violation of human rights and human dignity by this group?

The answer of the elites to this question in the virtual roundtable is as follows:
Dr. Mrs. May El-Khansa: ISIS has committed numerous violations against women, men and children including murder and kidnappings. They also imposed oppressive rulings which violate the rights of people and degrade their dignity and liberty. They are as will many cases of rape of women by ISIS elements in both Iraq and Syria, they are coercing women to satisfy the sexual desires of ISIS gunmen under the so-called ‘sex jihad’, and forcing minor girls into marrying them.
Dr. Felix Angel Herrero Duran: Terrorism are applying it almost exclusive against Muslims, which doubly contradicts the teachings of the Quran, the atrocities carried out against prisoners or against “non-combatant” as civilian staff are an attack on Islam, human dignity and Geneva Convention on the treatment of prisoners.
Seyed Zaid Zaman Hamid: Hundreds of Israeli troops have also joined ISIS ranks rampaging through the Muslim lands and looting and raping Muslim women. For the first time, Israeli army is aggressively operating in Iraqi and Syrian cities, within Muslim homes… Innalillahe inna ilehe rajeoon!!
Rasul Allah (sm) had clearly warned us against ISIS and now Muslims should be very careful of this fitnah, which is hijacking our faith and deen. The Kuffar know that real Khilafat ala minhaj UN NUbuwwat is close. Now this is the Mossad/CIA/Khawarij attempt to hijack it.
Dr. Zuhair A H Almahmeed: Those groups of criminals have no respect what so ever of human rights and human dignity and they have no limit to the type of crimes they commit, they are committed to terrorist ethnic and religious minorities leading to ethnic cleansing towards forming those Mini States that will in turn formulate the New Middle East that Arrogant Powers promoted.
Professor Chandra Muzaffar: When a group has no respect for human life, violation of human rights and human dignity becomes its way of life. In areas that the ISIS controls in Iraq and Syria beheadings are common. This is a total distortion of Islamic teachings.
Ilgar Allahverdiyev: ISIS terrorists encroach on people main right – the right to live. They perform multiple executions, punitive actions. The human life and dignity, such important values are absolutely far away from them. It is necessary to carry out the extensive PR among the people in order to show them the truth about ISIS. It is also important to stop the misinformation about this terrorist group and show to the world community ISIS’s true colors.

The conclusions of the participants regarding the threats posed by the ISIS to regional and international peace and security are summed up as follows:
The participants unanimously concluded that the measures of the terrorist ISIS group in Iraq and the region pose serious threats to regional and international peace and security and too aggressive, inhumane acts of the ISIS are stark violation of human rights and dignity. Muslim countries and the international community are asked to confront this terrorist group to prevent further threats to regional and international order and peace.



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Real jihad is in Palestine

Smoke billows from a building in Gaza following an Israeli air assault.

Smoke billows from a building in Gaza following an Israeli air assault.

July 21

By Kevin Barrett

As of Sunday, Israel was killing Palestinians at a rate of more than 100 per day. Most of the victims are civilians, including large numbers of children, who are being intentionally targeted.

As US Secretary of State John Kerry sarcastically blurted out, it is “one hell of a pinprick operation” when Israel calls in airstrikes to murder little boys playing soccer on the beach.

The current massacre is just the latest episode in a six-decade-long slow-motion genocide. Israel is trying to remove the vast majority of Palestinians from Palestine, by killing some of them and making life impossible for the others. As international law professor Francis Boyle argued at the Kuala Lumpur Tribunal in Malaysia almost one year ago: “The Palestinians have been the victims of genocide as defined by the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.”

In August 2013, the tribunal found Israel guilty of genocide. Perhaps that is why Malaysian planes keep falling out of the sky.

Who is going to stop the Palestinian genocide? The West is owned by Zionist criminal oligarchs. The United Nations is helpless. Christians have been guilt-tripped into believing that they owe the Zionists a genocide – as long as it is perpetrated against somebody else. China is too far away and concerned with its sphere of influence. India is occupied by the Zionists who have taken over RAW, the Indian intelligence agency. Russia has its own problems with powerful Zionist oligarchs and their Nazi stooges and thugs. Latin America is too busy trying to free itself from Uncle Sam…and yes, there are Zionist oligarchs there too.

So the only thing standing between Palestine and genocide is the world’s nearly two billion Muslims.

Palestine has been Islamic holy land, administered and protected by Muslims, since 636 CE – which corresponds to the 15th year of the Islamic calendar. Essentially, Palestine has been ruled by Muslims, justly and equitably for the most part, for as long as Islam has existed. It is the duty of every Muslim to protect Palestine, including the Christian and Islamic holy sites.

So where are those two billion Muslims – who outnumber the genocidal settlers in Occupied Palestine 400-to-1 ?

They are being divided, distracted and debilitated by Zionist propaganda…and by the treason of their own rulers.

The Persian Gulf states, led by Saudi Arabia, could stop the genocide. Saudi Arabia has a pivotal role in global oil production. The biggest player in OPEC, Saudi Arabia could easily launch another oil embargo like the one in 1973…only this time for real. Unfortunately, the Kingdom’s current rulers apparently value their sybaritic lifestyles above the lives of Palestinian children and the sanctity of Islamic holy sites. Many of them are in bed with the Zionists, literally and figuratively.

The governments of other Muslim countries aren’t much better. Of all the Muslim-majority nations, only Iran (and to a lesser extent Syria and Malaysia) is taking serious risks to help the Palestinians defend themselves, and to broadcast the truth about Palestine to the world.

So why are so many self-styled “jihadis” attacking Iran – and the friends of Iran in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq?! In essence these “jihadis” are serving in the Israeli army. Mind-controlled CIA-Mossad stooge Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – or whatever he is calling himself this week – is the de facto head of the Israeli military’s Foreign Legion.

Likewise, in Pakistan, the Zionist-controlled Indian intelligence agency RAW has created a fake insurgency of “Pakistani Taliban.” Some deluded Pakistani Taliban foot-soldiers, like al-Baghdadi’s followers, imagine themselves jihadis fighting to purify Islam. They have a funny way of purifying Islam: killing their fellow Muslims with weapons provided by Zionists and CIA agents like Raymond Davis, who was captured in Pakistan staging “Pakistani Taliban” terrorism.

Pakistani defense analyst and popular TV host Zaid Hamid explains that these fake jihadis are tools of the West’s fourth generation warfare against Islam and Muslims. Fourth generation warfare – the brainchild of William S. Lind and other American and Zionist strategists – uses synthetic insurgencies and false flag terrorism to achieve military and political objectives. The doyens of fourth generation warfare have steered the concept of “jihad” away from its traditional Islamic just-war-doctrine foundations, toward Takfiri terrorism and other counterproductive (to the Muslims) tactics.

So when “Caliph” al-Baghdadi says he doesn’t really care about Palestine, he just wants to kill Shi’a Muslims, recalcitrant traditional Muslims, and Christians, he is waging a very strange kind of “jihad”…a very ZIONIST kind of “jihad.”

The Qur’an says that God hates aggressors; it tells us that when an enemy “drives you out of your homes” it is time to wage defensive jihad. (Note that the word jihad includes the primary meaning of “striving, effort” to be a better person, alongside the secondary meaning of striving to be a better person by risking your life standing up for justice and defending your community.)

The Israelis are systematically murdering Palestinians and driving them out of their homes and have been doing so for more than half a century. Palestine is Islamic holy land. There has never been a more clear-cut case of legitimate defensive jihad.

I am not an Islamic scholar. I have an Islamic Studies related Ph.D. from a secular American university. I am not highly qualified to interpret scripture. But this issue is a no-brainer. Anyone who had read the Qur’an with a scintilla of understanding, anyone with the faintest acquaintance with just war theory, anyone who even remotely comprehends that our God-given human nature loathes aggression and authorizes self-defense, knows that not just every Muslim, but every human being with a conscience is required to help the Palestinians defend themselves against genocidal Zionist aggression.

What’s more, this one is winnable. A wedge can be driven between the psychotic über-Zionists and the slightly more rational realists who hold power in the West. If we work hard enough, and fight hard enough, we can force the West to acquiesce in the liberation of Palestine. Five million cannot hold out against two billion forever. Like apartheid South Africa in the 1980s, Zionist Israel today is approaching its expiration date.

There are fake jihads happening all over the world…Takfiri jihads, fourth generation warfare jihads, imperialist-sponsored divide-and-conquer jihads. These misguided spasms of pointless violence are libels on the noble word “jihad” – a word the Zionist-dominated Western media has dragged through the mud.

To hell with all the fake jihads. The real jihad is in Palestine.

Onward to victory.



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There is no future for apartheid Israel

“No one people has a monopoly on human suffering and every ethnic tragedy stands on its own.

If I were a Jew or Gypsy, Nazi barbarity would be the most atrocious event in history. If I were a Black African, it would be slavery and apartheid. If I were a Native American, it would be the discovery of the New World by European explorers and settlers that resulted in near-total extermination. If I were an Armenian, it would be the Ottoman massacres.

I happen to be a Palestinian, and for me it is the Nakba.

Humanity should consider all the above repugnant. I do not consider it advisable to debate hierarchies of suffering. I do not know how to quantify pain or measure suffering. I do know that we are not children of a lesser God.”

Afif Safieh – Palestinian diplomat

Palestinian protesters burn an Israeli flag during clashes with Israeli troops near Israel's Ofer Prison, near the West Bank city of Ramallah May 16, 2014. (Reuters/Mohamad Torokman)

Palestinian protesters burn an Israeli flag during clashes with Israeli troops near Israel’s Ofer Prison, near the West Bank city of Ramallah May 16, 2014. (Reuters/Mohamad Torokman)

But for those on the receiving end what a largely desensitized world considers “tired” and “routine” bespeaks terror and brutality. Given the lack of intervention on the part of the international community whenever an Israeli security crackdown occurs, it is evident by now that a tacit acceptance has taken root to the effect that massacring Palestinians has been elevated to the level of bloodsport within Israeli society.

For those of us who still care about the plight of a people whose only crime is that they exist on land coveted by a settler colonial state, the latest manifestation of Israel’s disregard for international law and human rights is as good a reason as any for closer examination. In so doing, we must call upon the greatest teacher of them all: history.

Most empires and colonial projects fall under the weight of their own contradictions, but usually over a protracted period of resistance, both passive and active, on the part of its victims. At the same time the material privileges gained from the exploitation and expropriation of a colonized people acts as a slow-acting corrosive on the society of the colonizing state, poisoning it with racism and hatred for those it has colonized as it seeks to justify the material privileges and psychological sense of supremacy and national pride that accrues from that colonization. This moral decay is commonly reflected in the degeneration that takes place in the armed forces of the state in question, where the emphasis of the troops shifts from self-sacrifice and heroism in support of a just and galvanizing cause to personal survival as demoralization sets in.

In other words, the day-to-day reality of perpetuating oppression and injustice overcomes any amount of national propaganda in support of that oppression. In this, the case of American troops in Vietnam is a prime example.

There, the reality on the ground of killing and being killed in a country thousands of miles from home in an ignoble war eventually proved stronger than the propaganda the troops had been fed that they were fighting in the cause of freedom. This resulted in a widespread and growing breakdown in discipline, almost to the point where the US military effort in Vietnam was in danger of complete collapse. It might even be argued that on a certain level atrocities like My Lai were informed by a projection of the self-loathing experienced by more and more American troops in the field as the reality of the injustices they were committing took hold.

Another and contemporary example of this moral degeneration is the case of the Orwellian-named Israel Defense Forces. More than any other, the IDF is a product of the constructed mythology that has sustained Israel since its creation in 1948. It is a mythology which combines both a biblical and political justification for the state’s existence. On the one hand it constitutes the realization of an ancient covenant in which the land of historic Palestine was promised by God to the Israelites, the descendants of Abraham, over 2,000 years ago, while on the other hand it is the fulfillment of the Zionist postulate that in a world that is irredeemably anti-Semitic the Jewish people, hitherto stateless, would never find peace and security until they had a state of their own.

While the former can instantly be dismissed as obscurantist poppycock, it must be said that the second of the aforementioned philosophical arguments in support of Israel’s existence reflects a concrete historical reality in the shape of the wave of anti-Semitism that swept across Europe in the latter part of the 19th century, and which gave rise to the emergence of Zionism.

Israeli Defense Force soldiers set off on a tracking drill near Tze'elim in southern Israel June 9, 2014. (Reuters)

Israeli Defense Force soldiers set off on a tracking drill near Tze’elim in southern Israel June 9, 2014. (Reuters)

If anyone was still in any doubt as to the power behind the early proponents of calls for a Jewish state, as the vast majority of Jews around the world were for decades, the inimitable horrors of the Holocaust in the Second World War instantly dispelled them. Indeed, the psychological impact of the Holocaust on the Jewish people cannot be underestimated even today, despite it proving fertile ground for the extreme nationalism that has taken root within a significant section of Israeli society.

No matter the impact of the Holocaust on Israel, however, it can never justify the decades of injustice suffered by the Palestinian people as a consequence, else we describe a world in which the only answer to oppression is oppression. Moreover, the victims of the Nazi Holocaust share a bond of humanity with victims of every other genocide and state sanctioned crimes against humanity throughout history. It is a bond that transcends ethnicity, religion and/or nationality, and which embraces the many thousands of Palestinian victims of the Nakba and the millions more subsequently rendered stateless and refugees as a consequence.

Desperate propaganda

The romantic ideals attached to the pioneering spirit of the founders of Israel, along with international sympathy for a people who’d suffered such grotesque brutality at the hands of the Nazis, imbued the nascent state with a sense of purpose and destiny that helped mask the atrocities being carried out in its name.

A mythology of heroism and bravery was already well on the way to being constructed in 1948 when it came to Zionist militia organizations like the Haganah and Irgun. It was a mythology that continued on into the ranks of IDF when Israel was founded in 1948, embodied in the adoption of the state’s guiding “purity of arms” ethos, one designed to give romantic flavor to the militarism that sits at its heart. Yet in truth the ranks of the Haganah, Irgun and various other militia groups were filled with racist killers massacring men, women and children in order to fulfill the biblical and national destinies previously mentioned.

This toxic mix of racism and exceptionalism has led to the existence of a state that since its formation has viewed its repeated violations of international law and its crimes against humanity entirely justified. So deeply ingrained is the biblical and historical justification for Israel’s continued depredations against the Palestinians that when it comes to international condemnation of its crimes, rather than a cause for reflection and introspection within Israeli society, for many it merely serves to reaffirm Israel’s view of itself as the last bastion of defense of the Jewish people in a hostile world.

The day-to-day reality of this corrosive outlook involves young Israeli soldiers, mostly conscripts, humiliating, intimidating and brutalizing civilians at checkpoints, or killing Palestinians and Arabs in general in the knowledge they are able to do so with relative impunity.

Israeli soldiers take part in an operation to locate three Israeli teens near the West Bank City of Hebron June 21, 2014. (Reuters)

Israeli soldiers take part in an operation to locate three Israeli teens near the West Bank City of Hebron June 21, 2014. (Reuters)

But when those same soldiers come up against a determined and dogged resistance on the ground, such as they did in 2006 during the brief war against Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, their resolve crumbles and they are defeated. This is key to understanding why Israel, just like its chief sponsor the US when it comes to its own military operations, has come to rely on an advanced arsenal of missiles, aircraft, helicopter gunships, drones and tanks in its continuing conflict with the entire population of Gaza for the crime of exercising its right to elect a government of its own choosing.

Such would be the demoralizing effect not only on the troops but also and more importantly on Israeli society at large. Israel knows it cannot afford to sustain heavy casualties during its repeated military operations against a largely unarmed population.

To put it another way, while Israeli troops are more than willing to kill to maintain the material privileges attached to living in a settler colonial state, one in which their consumer lifestyles are subsidized by the West, they have consistently demonstrated a reluctance to die for those privileges. Evidence of the increased pressure that Israel is under is reflected in the growing desperation of its propaganda in painting the motivation of its growing number of critics and opponents as being founded in anti-Semitism. But where previously such calumniation would have been suffice to silence dissenting voices, now it merely discredits Israel’s supporters and apologists further.

Throughout history, humanity has been locked in struggle between oppressor and oppressed. It is a struggle that has posed the same question to each succeeding generation: Whose side are you on?

Israel as an apartheid state has no future. Only as a state which embraces the concept of universal human rights, justice and dignity for all who share the same land can it ensure the peace and security of its people. More than any other this is the abiding lesson of history.


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